Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weekly Log 12-Jun to 18-Jun-2017: Big Mileage Week

Monday:  6
Cranston Bike Path, a/k/a Washington Secondary Bike Path.  Working in Providence today, I opted to run in a different place.  Went to the Cranston YMCA to drop my stuff (the YMCA network is just fantastic in that for no extra charge, you have reciprocal privileges at any Y in New England, so it makes it fantastic to be able to run and then shower and change afterwards).
With a heat wave in place, it was already approaching 80 degrees by 7am, so the shaded bike path kept me out of both the heat and traffic.  I wouldn't go all the way to Cranston just to run this, but it was an interesting diversion.
Was thinking of getting in a lunch
run.  Yeah, maybe not.
Tuesday:  7
5am road workout from my house, with Mikey and Tommy.  Worked our way out to Avondale and back, and after a 2-mile warmup, we ran 10 x (1-minute hard, 30-seconds easy).  I usually start to really feel it about the 7th iteration, but this time got through it fine.  Looking back at my splits slowing from 5:30 pace to 5:45 pace, maybe that's because I subconsciously let up too much towards the end.
Again?  I must have picked the
two worst days to work in the city.
Wednesday:  8
Hale Reservation, Dover, MA.  Fun single-track routes.  Still get myself a bit lost here, but directionally I can figure it out.
Quiet morning along Powisset Pond at Hale Reservation.
Thursday:  13
AM:  10 miles solo on Burlingame / Kettle Pond single-track.
PM:  3 miles at Jealous Monk fun run, Mystic.  Mix of road and double-track.  Good to catch up with Mike B, Melanie, Jim Roy, Jeff Anderson, and others.

Friday: 15
AM:  6 miles easy on local roads.
PM:  7 mile trail run in Woody Hill with Muddy and Matthew, followed by 2 mile trail maintenance alternating jogging with a weed-whacker and actually using said weed-whacker to trim overgrowth.  In both events we endured occasional downpours. Interesting to see that the Perry Healy Brook remains near dried up after the beaver re-damming at Woody Hill Marsh.
Other than returning to mow the upper field XC trail portion once it dries out a bit, the trails are ready to go for Sunday's Run for Sam Luzzi, the WHS sophomore diagnosed with leukemia.  Thanks much to Muddy and Jonny for coming out for trail maintenance on this rather miserable Friday afternoon.

Saturday:  12
AM:  10 miles.  Fun, but very humid run with Matthew in Jamestown. Road out-and-back from Fort Wetherill to Beavertail. 
PM:  2 miles to/fro upper field at Bradford Preserve to mow field portion of XC trail.

Sunday:  7
Run for Sam, including flagging, running 5K fun run, and course breakdown / clean-up.  Glad to see this event come to fruition.  Disappointed that we only had just shy of 40 runners, but figuring in the short notice, limited publicity, Father's Day, and intermittent downpours, I guess you can't complain.  Ran it moderately pace in just under 7 pace.  I ran behind the boys' XC runners for a while, then just like Pumpkins last year, picked them all off one by one (except Matthew of course).  While this wasn't a race, it reminds me that smart pacing can be stimulating.
Start of the Run for Sam.
Weekly mileage:  70!

Weekly synopsis:  Highest mileage week in almost two years!  Getting sore towards the end of the week, but overall felt great.  A few doubles this week. I don't see another 70 mileage week happening again soon, but I'm really happy with the mileage I've been putting in as of late.

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