Sunday, June 25, 2017

Weekly Log 19-Jun to 25-Jun-2017

After a huge mileage week of 70 miles last week, this one is going to be a lot less both between wanting a little retreat as well as an unusually busy workweek coming up.  With many 60+ weeks lately that I've felt really good about, I do plan to resume higher mileage.

Monday:  0
Planned zero.

Tuesday:  7
Stonington Fun Runs with Mikey.  I had planned to run hills early morning as part of a group workout, but unfortunately I was into work at 6am and flat out there 'til 5pm.  I know; cry me a river.

Anyhow, it was the first run of what is possibly the final season.  Had a good time conversing pretty much the whole time, and enjoy a post-run drink on the docks.

Wednesday:  11
AM:  8-mile Summer Solstice run with a group of 7.  Out the Sand Trail to Quonnie Breachway and back, tacked on a few more with Muddy, Jonathan, and FiveK, and then took a frigid dip in the ocean at Fenway Beach.  Hopefully many more dash and splash routines to follow.

PM:  3.  First Tom McCoy Family Fun Run of the year.  Was asked by WHS sophomore Sam Lutzel what time I was looking for, to which I replied upper 18s to 19:00.  He said he was in, and would try to stay with me, but wasn't exactly optimistic.  He stayed with me until about 1.5 miles.  As he was dropping back, I encouraged him to catch up and stay with me, but he said he was cramping. Turning onto Crandall for the final mile, I could see Matthew way up in the lead, followed by FiveK, and then a teenager I didn't know.  The teen looked back repeatedly at me.  I wasn't running all out, but certainly moderately hard at about 6 minute pace.  The gap was shortening, and as I would get closer to him, he would surge ahead.  That is usually an energy wasting move that can't be sustained, and sure enough on the final turn off Maplewood, I ran passed him easily.  Finished in 3rd at 18:40, and immediately went up to him to congratulate him on his runner, but also give him a few pointers, to which his father thanked me.

Thursday:  0
Unplanned zero.  Between posting Fun Run results, final day of 3-day vendor meetings, and driving to NH in the afternoon, just didn't work out for running.

Friday:  5
Henderson-Swasey Town Forest, Exeter, NH.  Fun single-track amongst the pines.  Easy pace.
Trails in deep pine forests.

With neat rock formations.

Saturday:  13
Exeter Trail Race, USATF-NE Trail Championship.  Rugged, grueling, hot, and "fun".  Write-up to follow shortly.

Sunday:  17 ride, 5 run
AM:  Legs pretty trashed from yesterday's race.  Was happy for a flat and easy ride with the guys instead, and then a coffee and conversation stop in Weekapaug with Mike.
PM:  "Recovery" with Matthew.  Single-track trails in Burlingame southern portion, including NST at campground entrance, Ridge Trail, VG CCW to Duhamel, and Burlingame Trail back.  Legs started out really creaky, warmed up as we went along, but still sore for sure.

Weekly run mileage:  42

Weekly synopsis:  Interesting to think that 42 is a really low mileage week for me of late!  As I mentioned early in the week (I tend to write every day or two, then post at end of week), I expected this to be a light week. 
Highlight of the week was clearly the trail race on Saturday.  Next weekend we return to Loon Mountain Race.  I'm woefully underprepared in terms of hill climbs, but I have been running more trails and distance this year, so hopefully that will have some positive effect.  Looking forward to it.

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