Sunday, July 2, 2017

Weekly Log: 26-Jun to 2-Jul-2017: Deerflies and Mountain Race

Another busy workweek trying to finish things up before two weeks of vacation!!  Will also have a second straight week of racing in NH.

Monday:  5
Ran in Wahaneeta and Woody late afternoon, as I provided a feast for deerflies.  Another downside of summer.

Tuesday:  13
AM:  8 mile hill workout with FiveK and Matthew at Buckeye Brook Road.  2 sets of (1/2 mile up hard, recovery, 1 mile up hard), plus a one-mile downhill in 5:13 for good measure.
PM:  Stonington Fun Runs with Mikey and Matthew.

Wednesday:  8
AM:  5 miles in Hale Reservation, Westwood, MA.  Feeling a little tired between races and hill workouts, so intentionally went very easy pace on easy trails.

PM:  3.  2nd Tom McCoy Family Fun Run of the year.  Again ran with Sam Lutzel.  Only 4 seconds slower than last week, and Sam stayed with me for 2 of 3 miles this time.

Thursday:  0
Identical to last week, an unplanned  Thursday zero.  I would blame being busy at work, but then shouldn't I up and out the door early in the morning then?  Let there not be a 3rd consecutive Thursday zero.

Friday:  6
Parked at the end of Fallon Drive and ran Woody Hill at the end of the day.  It was hot, so I ran shirtless.  I think the deerflies appreciated this, as it made it much easier for them to feast on me.  Ran easy pace on a shorter loop than usual.  The gravel road just south of the Woody Hill Marsh has seen quite a bit of grading and tree cutting by DEM in the past week or so.

Saturday:  bike 18, run 3
AM:  Group ride from/to The Bakery in Charlestown.  Mikey, Tom, and I caught up with Cali Chris for the first ride with him in probably two years.  Of course, 1/2 mile in the guy gets a flat.  It took two tube changes due to glass puncturing the tire and tube(s), but after that we were off for an easy paced Charlestown and SK ride, before finishing up with coffee and scones.  Great to catch up!

PM:  Franconia Notch State Park, NH.  Evening easy-paced shakeout on paved bike path with Jana, as Matthew took off ahead.

Sunday:  8
Loon Mountain Race, Lincoln, NH.  Write-up shortly.

Weekly run mileage:  44

Weekly synopsis:  Another week with mileage lower than expected.  Really want to get back up into at least the 50s, and hopefully this was just a blip.  While I'm not enjoying the bugs or the humidity, the summer is still a nice time to be outside with longer daylight hours and comfortable for biking and swimming at least.

Weekly highlight:  Loon Mountain Race!  2nd consecutive one for me.  Really want to run a lot more of these races in northern New England.  They're just so challenging to push yourself to new limits, not to mention fun!

Weekly low:  The friggin' deerflies.  Afraid it's grin and bear for the next six weeks or so.

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