Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekly Log 14-Nov-11 to 20-Nov-11

Monday:  Planned day off

Tuesday:  11 miles
A balmy 56 degree start at 6AM; is this really mid-November?  No complaints.  My run started in Misquamicut with the sun rising over the ocean.  Ran from Misquamicut towards Watch Hill on Ocean View Highway.  Heard the waves crashing the whole way, which enticed me to cut onto the beach at the end of Ocean View Highway, then ran along the water's edge past the majestic Ocean House and up to East Beach, where I got back on the roads.  Ran past the 2nd oldest carousel in the USA, which brought back childhood memories of my grandmother bringing my brother and me there, which was way back when ... let's just say it was a long time ago (no, contrary to my kids' assertion, dinosaurs did not roam the earth then).
Leaving Watch Hill, ran up to and through Avondale, many swans in the cove.  My right knee was starting to bother me through here.  Odd, hopefully just a momentary thing.  Continued NE along the river away from Avondale, and finished with a spirited run up Chin Hill.  7:24 pace overall; good run.

Wednesday:  4 miles
4:30AM run in the rain and darkness in November.  Why is it that I didn't see any other runners or walkers out on the roads this morning?!  Oh well, rain is supposed to clear out over the next 2 days, in plenty of time for Sunday's Li'l Rhody.  Word is by race start (11AM), there's a good chance the darkness will be gone as well.  All is good.

Thursday:  0
Spent the pre-dawn hours compiling Li'l Rhody registrations; followed by a long day of work, thus no running today.

Friday:  0
No excuses today.  Alarm went off at 4:30, I looked over at my running clothes waiting for me, and went back to sleep.  What a slacker!

Saturday:  7 miles
Cranston, RI.  What do you do when you're away from home, it's a beautiful sunny 50 degree day, and you have downtime waiting for your son's swim meet to start?  You go running of course!  The Cranston YMCA front desk staff gave me directions to the Cranston Bike Path.  A couple of busy city streets led me to the bike path, which was a welcome change.  Got off the bike path and ran through the cemetery where my father is buried.  Stopped at his grave to pay respects to him, my grandparents, and other ancestors.  So much I want to tell him.
The run continues.  Back onto the bike path up to the end near the Providence line, then turned back around.  Enjoyed the relative solitude.  The bike path is much less used and not in quite the shape compared to South County Bike Path, but still nice.  Finished up (49 min) in time to see my son set a PR in the 50-free.  Life is good!  Li'l Rhody tomorrow.

Sunday:  10 miles total
Li'l Rhody Runaround Trail Race:  Results link

61 degrees - warmest day I can recall for this race.  Took 1st place in my division (out of 46 runners) with a time of 53:22.  11th overall out of 296.  Running partners Justin and Jonny just ahead of me in 8th and 9th, respectively.  Jonny and I passed each other 4 times on the course, with him settling ahead for good passing me at mile 5.  That is where I ran out of stamina - at the top of the long hill after water stop and Buckeye Brook Road.  From there on in, the pace was lower and it was all I could do just to hold my position.  Sometimes in past coming out onto Kings Factory Road I've had the energy to at least try to chase down other runners.  This time was not one of those days.  No complaints, though.  Finished just ahead of Clay Howland, a guy with Westerly ties that I've "battled" in the past, and also a few places ahead of another trail runner that is often ahead of me.  Great day for a run!  I've earned up my upcoming Turkey day feast.

Week total:  32 miles


  1. YES!! Looks good man! Glad you're in now. Welcome to the club!

  2. Jeff great race on Sunday. You looked really strong on the trails.

  3. Thanks Jonny! Congrats on your PR. I felt strong for the first 5 miles until I hit the long hills. Will want to work on hills for next year.