Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weekly Log 21-Nov-11 to 27-Nov-11

Monday:  Rest day

Tuesday:  5 miles
A planned early morning long run was thwarted by a 4AM call from work.  Arrgh!  Got in an easy 7:30 pace 5-mile loop at dusk, out to Links Passage/Rockridge, and back.  Turned on to my road, and 3 deer galloped across the road in front of me.  How do I get their speed?

Wednesday:  6 miles
38o, pouring rain, and wind.  Delightful stuff.  Stepped into a big puddle in Misquamicut that I didn't see in the dark.  That's enough "fun" for today.

Thursday: 5 miles
Thanksgiving Day.  Much better weather - sunny but cool.  In the spirit of spending the holiday with family, I went for a 5-mile run with my 12-year old son.  His choice on the course.  We took a few back roads in Misquamicut before heading east onto Shore Road and 1.3 miles on trails in Champlin Park.  Good run for T-day dinner.

Friday:  16 miles
Continuing the newly established weekend long runs with Muddy and Jonny, today was my turn to choose a course.  It was cold at the sunrise start at 31o, but the sun came out and warmed up to 44o
by the end.  As it's mostly flat and roads here in Misquamicut, I tried to throw in a mix of terrain for my running partners with adding some trails, beach, and hills.  Ran out Shore Road to Moonlight Drive and back along Wildflower and Links Passage before entering the trails in Champlin Park.  Chose the longest trail in the park at 1.3 miles; there's a good mix of hills and stone walls along this trail.  Paused at Charlie's Overlook for the breaktaking view over Misquamicut beaches, the Atlantic Ocean, and Block Island:
Continued on through Misquamicut, onto the beach off Ocean View Highway, and ran in the sand up to East Beach in Watch Hill.  Saw a few people walking the beach here.  Ran through Watch Hill village and wound back through Avondale before finishing on Chin Hill.  I felt great through the run, with a little soreness onset only running the final uphill.  The miles flew by today with having runner partners; hopefully this will also keep me in good shape throughout the winter.  (2:04:08)
Added a new blog page on PRs.  It was a fun exercise and some of them surprised me.

Saturday:   11 miles
Ran into and through Weekapaug.  Hadn't run there in a while due to the breachway bridge still closed.  Ran along Fenway beach and then Spray Rock Road, before coming back on Noyes Neck, up to Dunn's Corners and back.  Finished on "white trail" in Champlin Park.  Legs a little stiff from Friday's long run, but a beautiful warm day to get out.

Sunday:  7 miles
Easier runs today.  4 miles solo along Mastuxet Brook, followed later by a 3 mile run on local roads with my son.  Another beautiful running day with temps close to 60o.

Week mileage total:  50 miles!
This is my highest mileage tally in quite some time, no doubt attributable to the unseasonably warm weather and 4-day long weekend for Thanksgiving.


  1. Great run today, JW! Loved Champlin Park (I'm pretty sure Jonny did too). See you next Saturday!!

  2. Nice week Jeff. Good job on the course Friday.