Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hare Hop

March 4.  Mystic, CT.  Kelley's Pace Hare Hop 3-Miler.
10th overall of 99.  2nd in age group.  18:29.
Nine years ago, this was the first running race I ever ran.  Some interesting contrasts:
Ran 1st mile in 5:59, 2nd in 6:04, 3rd in 5:56.  GPS recorded 3.09 miles.  Official pace 6:10; I'm going with my Garmin pace of 5:59.
The guy after me was upset with recording a 3.10 and another piped up that he had 3.12, so I asked Mary Camire about extending to a 5K, but she said she thought the appeal was to have a different length than the standard 5K.  I don't agree, but that's obviously not my decision.
It was like a fun run to me.  My legs were pretty trashed still going into this race, and I went out for a really fun 16-miler yesterday with the guys knowing I was much more interested in having a fun long run with them than trying to go my fastest on a course known to be long and with hills.
Probably my most fun on the course was when two fast teenagers passed me at mile 1, and I caught and passed them both on the Mile 2 hills.
Post-run caught up with many WTAC'ers.  Went to church (literally) and sat in the pew and chatted with John aka "Pard" as SNERRO's Nick delivered a rather lengthy sermon, then caught up with Steve, Polly, Josh, Kate, Mike G, and others.
This race was a walk in the park; it's the series finale of the trail race series a week from today that has me focused.

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