Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weekly Mileage 26-Mar-12 to 1-Apr-12

Monday:  0
Rest day

Tuesday:  3 miles
Geriatric shuffle to get the legs moving on day 3 of a stomach bug.  Was complaining to myself about my maladies and shin splints, when mid-run a neighbor pulled his car over to chat, and I got the latest update on his battle with leukemia and learned he had lost some internal organs.  Time to stop my whining and put things in perspective.

Wednesday:  0
Running clothes just sat there.  Work day unexpectedly started at 2:45AM and continued into the evening.  On the few breaks in between, I had neither the time nor energy to attempt a run.  The weekend cannot come fast enough.  I am so run down and behind on everything professional and personal, including running.

Thursday:  0
Can't get a break at all this week!  Left work early at 3PM, looking forward to a late afternoon run.  Then came the 5 hour commute from hell due to a derailed Amtrak train in North Kingstown.

Friday:  4 miles
Back roads in Misquamicut.  Wish I had more time, but for the first time this week felt great to be out running.  6:51 pace.  I survived the work week; bring on the weekend!

Saturday:  7 miles
39o and steady rain late morning; took a while to warm up on this one.  Parked at WHS.  Ran down hill and past the Y out to Canal and White Rock.  Ran past Springbrook School, before starting to head back via Potter Hill area and out to Route 3.  Finished by climbing Narragansett and Top St back to WHS just in time to pick up boys from track practice.  Turns out they were running hill repeats in the rain on Narragansett as well - I'm impressed!  7:06 average pace.  Glad to be back running!

Sunday:  15 miles
8 miles on sand (I think a PR, no April Fools), plus 7 on the road
A chilly 32to start.  I read in RW that the average threshold for runners to wear shorts vs long pants (tights, etc) is 40o.  I'm guessing my threshold is somewhere in the 20-25o range.
Part of today's
sand trail run
Turn around point:
Breachway, Charlestown
Miles of deserted beach
for me to explore

I ran Shore Road to Noyes Neck, then backroads of Weekpaug, plus the public ROW that Tom had shown me.  Then took the Weekapaug Sand Trail (protected for public foot access year round by a 1997 RI court order) for the approximate two miles out to Quonochontaug Breachway in Charlestown.  Ran the length of the beach all the way past Weekapaug and Misquamicut, except for the small section in Weekapaug that I needed to get on Spray Rock Road. 
At the west end of Misquamicut, I paused to sit on a rock, soak in the sun, gaze out at the sea, and solve the meaning of life.  Beautiful place!  I had intended to finish the last 2 miles of beach out to Watch Hill, but after sitting there for a while, I was done and jogged home.  Ran into two neighbors that I shared my morning beach expedition with, and they advised never to take our beautiful surroundings for granted.  Great counsel; try visiting the slums in India some day.

Weekly mileage:  29
A paltry mileage week, and a rough few first days of the week, but an awesome end with my beach adventure.


  1. Aw, the suspense was killing me, I was hoping for a post from a lost Pygmy camp in the Congo...
    Welcome back, hopefully your stomach and schedule settle enough to get out for some more running adventures soon.

  2. Jeff - hang in there! Hopefully you'll get a nice end to your week. Are you running the Chariho 5K?

    1. Jonny, unfortunately I will not be able to make the Chariho 5K work. Good luck out there!