Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekly Mileage 2-Apr-12 to 8-Apr-12

Monday:  3 miles
Ran trails in Champlin Park with Mark.  Usually take Mondays completely off, but couldn't turn down an infrequent request from my 13-year old to go for a run.

Tuesday:  6 miles
Late afternoon run.  Ran Shore Road to Rock Ridge.  Found if I skirt behind the guardrail on RockRidge, there is a trail that drops sharply down to Lewis Pond.  Startled a couple of guys fishing, who said they thought I was a deer in the woods.  Should I tell them it's "gazelle", not "deer"?  Nah...
At the intersection of Wicklow and Tom Harvey, found a gravel road to the right.  Ran down this and quickly found a padlocked gate blocking the path.  Didn't see any no trespassing signs, so went around it, continued for almost 1/2 mile until right in front of me are runways.  Surprised they weren't fenced off (other than that gate, of course).  Decided the airport folks probably wouldn't take kindly to me running on their runway, so turned back.  Nice diversion.
Ran my favorite and hilly "green" trail in Champlin to finish off the run at a good clip.
Bousquet sightings:  0 
By the way, do we have a moniker yet for that cat?  Fodder for the next long run ...

Wednesday:  0

Thursday:  7 miles
Red Rooster Ramble 5-Mile Race, Warren, RI.  Traveled with Muddy, Jonny, and Mike.  The race wasn't until 6:30PM, but due to Warren being on the extreme opposite end of our massive state, we had to get together and depart in the morning and allow ourselves enough time for meal breaks and pit stops.  After 8 hours in the car our long and arduous trek came to a conclusion, as the Jonny-mobile faithfully delivered the four of us to the race start.
I have put enough humility in this blog that I can brag here that I am thrilled to have destroyed my previous PR of 31:47 by finishing in 30:06.  Jonny and I ran side-by-side for the first 4.25 miles over roads and bike path, and pulled each other along.  I would not have finished with the time I did otherwise.  With 3/4 mile left, to avoid the rumors that we would finish the race holding hands, Jonny accelerated and I had neither the inclination nor energy left to chase.  I saw Jonny finish just ahead of me and just under the 30 minute mark; super happy for him and for Muddy's PR, as well as Mike's win.  We all gathered back at the Market Street Pub for food and drink to celebrate our PRs and fun before starting the long cross-state journey home.

Friday:  7 miles
Barn Island Management Area, Stonington, CT.
0.5 miles road; balance trails
Trail's end:  Wequetequock Cove,
Barn Island, Stonington, CT
Beautiful afternoon trail run in the mid-50s; what's not to love?  Started with my usual single-track favorite in the NW section, then started exploring.  Followed some new single-trail with plenty of gazelling opportunities, left me to a section of open mowed meadows I had never run before which then turned into a gravel road that brought me close to an area I am familiar with near the Civil War era cemetery.  Followed the salt water bogs back to the parking area.  Fun run!

Saturday:  20 miles
Cold dark solo 25o degree start in Wood River Jct at 5:30AM.  Wondering to myself what the heck am I doing out here?  Ran up to Chariho HS and back and then down 91E for a stretch before finishing 4 miles back at the parking lot.
Muddy and Jonny had arrived by 6AM and went out for another 16.  By this time, most of me had warmed up so I took some perverse pleasure listing to these two complain about the cold.  This was a repeat of a mid-January run the three of us had done.  King's Factory to Carter Preserve out to 112, then backroads to Shannock, and North Road out to base of Shannock Hill Road.  Jonny ascended Shannock Hill with ease and put some distance between Muddy and I before I finally caught up on the downhill.  Ran the rolling hills of Pine Hill before taking North-South trail through Carolina Management back to WRJ.  Had nothing left at the end.  One more 20 miler to go before Providence Cox Marathon May 6th.

Sunday:  4 miles
Easter morning run with Matthew.  He chose the course:  Tom Harvey loop to Shore Road, entered Champlin Park near Venice, and ran trails in there before returning back home via Tom Harvey.  Good conversational father/son run; tight legs after previous day's 20-miler.

Weekly total:  47 miles
Much better and healthier running week.  Got in my 20-miler, as well as a huge confidence booster with the big 5 mile PR on Thursday.

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