Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekly Log 12-Mar-12 to 18-Mar-12

Monday:  0 miles
Planned rest day after an incredible weekend of skiing and trail race.

Tuesday:  0
Some moron set his alarm for 4:30PM and was somehow shocked that the alarm didn't wake him up at 4:30AM for a run.

Wednesday:  14 miles
Morning:  Winnapaug, Weekapaug, Misquamicut.  45o, sunny/foggy.  10-mile run with a little bit of everything:  1 mile of trails in Champlin before continuing east on Shore Road, then ran the 2 miles of the Clamdigger course that are east of the Weekapaug Breachway.  Surprised to see so many clam shells on Spray Rock Road, until I spied a seagull dropping them to break on the asphalt and then eat them.  Crossed the mighty Weekapaug Bridge, then took the path along the breachway down to the beach for the 2.5 mile trek in the sand back to Misquamicut.
Afternoon:  Ninigret Park, Charlestown.  65o !!  Short 4-mile cooldown run on trails with Muddy and Mike, after their speed workout.  Great to run in short sleeves.

Thursday:  3 miles
Was thrilled to go for a run with my 13-year old son.  It's a rare occurence.  Ran out to Champlin Park, then the trails in Champlin, and back home.

Friday:  0 miles
Leg bothering me; took the day off.

Saturday:  21 miles
All winter long when Mike or the WTAC trail gang planned a really long trail run I came up with every pansy excuse in the book (it's too long, it might snow, I don't have the right shoes, my hemorroids might flare up [well, maybe not that excuse], etc), so when there was a 21-mile epic trail run planned for today by Jonny, I finally signed on the proverbial dotted line (or at least the modern equivalent:  e-mail).  Wouldn't it figure then that today's run would be canceled?!
The show must go on.  Ran LSD from my house roughly down Beach Street and Main into downtown, then up Canal, White Rock, and Boom Bridge into North Stonington, CT.  Followed Anthony Road into Ashaway, then Laurel to Potter Hill to cross back into Westerly at the Potter Hill Fish Ladder.  At this point, I wanted to shake it up and do something different so I explored the trails in the Whitely Preserve.  Short, but fun, with a picnic table down by the river.  Back on Potter Hill, I turned left at the first intersection, which was Forrestal Drive and immediately found another Westerly Land Trust property:  Wildwood.  Went in there exploring, but that trail was even shorter.  Eventually dumped out on to Route 3, which I crossed and took Old Hopkinton Road back and then neighborhoods behind Tower Street school.  Ran up to and through WHS campus, including a lap on the track.  I was the only soul there, but I know that will change with track season starting next week; my boys will have WMS practice every day Tue - Sat. 
Wound my way back home via Westerly Hospital area neighborhoods to East Ave, then took Mastuxet Brook Trail home.  Normally I like jumping and dodging roots and rocks, but that's when on fresh legs.  At mile 20, this was a chore to me.  Total time 2:50.
Stealing a feature from Tom that I love (I probably owe him copyright infringement fees now in addition to what I owe Jonny for overdue non-Hammett-Buckeye-Brook-tolls), here are my pros and cons:

Best part of run:
  1. Running 21 miles!
  2. Finishing 21 miles, and not feeling like I need to crash on the couch all day or hobble up stairs.
  3. Running down the middle of road in North Stonington for miles of rolling countryside with nary a car.  I think the only "vehicle" I saw was a farmer crossing Anthony Road in his tractor, and he waved and stopped to let me pass first.
Least favorite part of run:
  1. Running Canal Street.  I like running along the river, but this pothole-wreaked surface is a mess.  Is it this year that they're fixing this?
  2. Trying but failing to find Riverwood trail system.  I ran down Boy Scout Drive until I hit a "No Trespassing" and "Dead End" sign, looked along Old Hopkinton Road, and even ran back Route 3 up to the Hopkinton line.  I think I need Muddy's help.
Time for something new:  I've been looking on the 'net, and for tomorrow am planning to solo run what I hope will be a really cool trail run on a trail and area I've never heard of.  Stay tuned ...

Sunday:  9 miles
London, England.  See separate write-up.

Weekly total:  47 miles

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