Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pawcatuck Lions 5K

June 2, 2012.
Results here.  1st overall.  18:24.  5:56 average pace.
Mid-air Gazelle strides
near end of mile 3
Not many runners (55) showed up on this rainy, windy morning.  Although the rain had let up, humidity was still 90% and was a factor, as was the wind going out up to 25mph. 
Lined up with my two boys at starting line.  One 25 year old "kid" shot out ahead of us, and I let him go, only to catch up and pass him at Mile 1 where Tommy McCoy was calling out times:  5:56 for 1st split.
The wind wasn't constantly strong in your face, but when it was, it really became tough going.  The kid passed me again in the 2nd mile, and I'm thinking it's over but just keep running my pace, which paid off as I passed him again.  At halfway turn around, he's caught up to me and passed me again!  He does this twice more:  drops behind me and then surges fast up to and ahead of me. 
Final surge to finish
Mile 2 is a slower 6:04, but now the wind is behind me, and just a mile to go.  I pass the kid again for the final time at about mile 2.5 and not knowing if he's going to sprint up on me once more, I pour it on and run the 3rd mile in 5:45.
He ends the race 21 seconds behind me, and just behind him is our newest WTAC member, Mike B.  My oldest son takes a 4th, and my youngest son a 7th.
The old man takes home some loot

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