Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekly Log 18-Jun-12 to 24-Jun-12

Monday:  0
Much needed rest day.

5 miles.  Stonington Fun Runs, Week 3.  Warmed up with Matthew for one loop (1.55 miles), then decided not to go all out and instead ran the entire 5K together with Mike B.  Time was a more relaxed 20:30, still a good enough clip pushing at about 6:30 pace, but really enjoyable to be able to take in more of the beautiful ocean scenery in the Borough and talk.  Followed up with the usual drinks on the docks.

3 miles.  Westerly Fun Runs, Week 2.  Results here.  18:40.  1st day of summer; 85 nasty degrees.  Tom took off and took a 1st in 17:23.  By mile 2, I could only see him on long stretches.  A teenage boy and son of a Chariho classmate of mine followed hard on my heels and paid for it in the end as he collapsed at the finish line.  He was fine afterwards, but pretty dehydrated.
Afterwards, due to the heat, a number of us went across the street to Pleasant View Inn for re-hydration.  After a couple of drinks, most were hydrated and went home, but feeling not quite sufficiently hydrated, I accepted Way's offer for "just one more" as about six of us went to Andrea's with a neat table ocean-side as Way led us through my introduction to "stubbies".  About 10:15PM, I was more than hydrated (the others weren't and stayed behind) and called it a night.

7 miles.  Salomon Spring Trail Running Series with Matthew.  Gorham, NH.  Results here.
Stream bed crossing
Found this trail series on the 'net, and figured we'd give it a try.  Two of us went outlet shopping, and the other two of sought our kicks on the trails.  It was 90+ degrees in North Conway at 6PM in a heat wave, but "only" 78 degrees up here at the base of the Mt Washington Auto Road, where this was held.
Along the trail
Matthew and I ran a warm-up on the more technical part of the cross, and then we were off.  It's an interesting staggered "start when you want" start to the course, with the timer there for a duration (3.5 hours) to start and top timing for each runner.  The first half is pretty dense forest with some hills and small stream crossings thrown in.  The second half was hotter with dirt roads in open meadows being exposed to the sun, and then some heat relief on the single-track sections.
Finished, and was surprised that the timer/race director explained that I just broke the course record by 21 seconds!  (In fairness, there is a new course every year, but still worked for me.  If I knew that, I would have pushed harder.)  They asked me to come back next week for the series finale and awards, but unfortunately this is not closer.
Chez Walker for the next few days

6 miles.  White Lake State Park, Tamworth, NH.  Matthew woke me up at 5:30AM and asked if we can go for a short run.  Well, OK, if you twist my arm.  We ran 3 miles mostly on trails with a neat loop around the lake, plus Black Spruce Trail and Pitch Pine Trail.  I asked him to lead, but he was soon onto me that I put him up to it to clear out the cobwebs.
After 3 miles, returned to campsite, and he asked if he could ride his mountain bike and I could run alongside.  On flats and uphills I did fine; on downhills I felt like Aunt Edna's dog tied to the back of the car trying to keep up in Chevy Chase's vacation (fortunately with a different ending than the dog).

I do not have the agility
my boys have here

Barefoot jumping rocks in
White Mountain National Forest

0.5 miles.  White Lake.  Mark tried to keep us on course, as Matthew and I swam 1/4 mile out and back.  Wiped me out!

4 miles.  Mix of trails and roads on an early morning run with Matthew.  Incorporated a drink break at DD into the run; I guess NH runs on DD also.

HIKE 6 miles.  Elevation gain 2,568'.  Mount Kearsage North.

Family at summit

View from summit

We holed up here during rainstorm;
last remaining firetower in White
Mountain National Forest

0.25 miles. 1/4 mile afternoon swim after hike.

Day's end:  fire back at campsite

8 mile evening run with Matthew.  Mix of roads and beach back in Misquamicut.  Another new distance PR for Matthew.  Ran in the dark along the waves before returning home.  Once we got in the neighborhood; he had enough kick for a sprint home where I on the other hand am still wiped out from the hike, mostly the downhill on the quads.

Weekly totals:
Run: 33 miles
Swim: 0.75 miles

Hit the millenium mileage mark this week, and am on track for 2,000 miles this year, which I'm certain will be the most miles I've ever run in a year.  Lot of good father-son run time this week, and all around good time away with the family.

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