Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekly Log 4-Jun-12 to 10-Jun-12

Monday:  0
Planned rest day after a thorough running weekend.

4 miles.  Stonington Fun Run week 2.  Like last week, I pushed myself comfortably hard, but not all out.  Finished the 5K in 18:57.  First mile slower at 6:12, followed by 6:04 and 6:02.  One of JP's college running buddies dropped back and ran with me.  Personally, I find it hard to carry on a conversation at 6:02 pace! 

8+ miles.  Misty Morning Misquamicut Meander.  Roads and sand.  Ran 1st mile with Jana, then we split ways on different routes.  7:30ish pace on roads, slower on beach.  I saw a fox on the beach today (not the bikini-clad type of fox, but rather the 4-legged variety).  Pretty cool.  It stood its ground and just looked at me, like, yeah, I'm not scared of you.

Thursday:  0

17 miles.  Rode out River Road, Pawcatuck, to the end.  Nice and quiet along the river, saw 5 runners out.  Greenhaven out to Wequetequock, and Route 1 back.
3+ miles.  Late afternoon run with boys in Champlin Glacier Park.

17 miles.  6AM bike with Mike B, who had already put in half a dozen miles before arriving at my house.  Road out to Watch Hill Lighthouse, then along the coast through Misquamicut and down into Weekapaug before coming back Shore Road.
4+ miles.  Continued with Mike to make this a brick.  Ran through Champlin, and then Tom Harvey to Shore loop back.  By the end of the run climbing a local hill I could really feel it on my legs and lungs.  I've got to do more of these bricks before my first tri in just 5 weeks now.

5 miles.  YMCA Back Road Ramble 5K.  See separate write-up.

Weekly totals:
Run:  24 miles
Bike:  34 miles
Swim:  0

Went from one of my heaviest run weeks last week (58) to one of my lightest this week (24).  Obviously not having a long run this week factored into it.  Between busy summer weekends kicking in, not able to run long Saturday runs with the guys the next couple of weekends, having fun running short local races, and starting to ramp up the bike, I'm going to have to figure out how to get the runs in also, because I want to maintain close to 40 on average and not drop back to my pre-2012 summer average of about 25 miles per week.

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