Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weekly Log 2-Jul-12 to 8-Jul-12

Monday:  0 miles

6 miles.  Stonington Fun Runs, week 6.  In what is becoming my Tuesday summer routine, one warmup lap (1.55 miles) solo, two laps (5K) during the run itself with Mike B at about 6:50 pace, one cooldown lap with Mike, and to the docks for a drink.

5 miles.  Camire's Firecracker 4 on the 4th.  See separate write-up.

4 miles.  Easy pace in the late afternoon 80 degree and humidity.  No strength at all today.

Used my Level Renner discount code to sign up for Run 4 Kerri.  Signed up 3 of us under team WTAC.  Any other takers?

10 miles.  Great Swamp Management Area, South Kingstown.  5:30AM run with Muddy, Sandals, and Mike G.  I had been in here last about 10 years ago, but never for a run.  Today's plan was for a tempo run with a steadily increasing pace.  I met that with the following splits:  7:53, 7:28, 6:57, 6:57, 6:36, 6:22, 6:01, 5:42(pace for last .3 mile).
The 7.3 mile run was a mix of dirt roads and double-track on both gravel and grass.  The last mile plus on the road was much longer than I remembered going in, and I was hoofing it to try to keep Muddy in my sights, especially since Mike took a different course and Sandals had a pit stop.  Afterwards, Muddy and I did a cool down on the bike path.  Great run, less the deer flies.

12 miles.  Barn Island with Mike B.  6AM from the Y.  We kept the trails in Barn Island to a minimum this time, as the deer flies were insufferable.  Wearing a hat yesterday in Great Swamp did help, but it's at the expense of keeping extra heat and sweat on your head on a hot summer day.  Can't win.
16 miles.  Avondale, Watch Hill, Misquamicut, Weekapaug.  Pushed it hard at 22mph on Ocean View Highway and Atlantic Ave, otherwise an easy spin through these pretty coastal villages.

4 miles.  Sailfest 5K.  See separate write-up.
0.25 miles.  Afternoon swim at Town Beach with Matthew.

Weekly totals:
Run:  41 miles
Bike:  16 miles
Swim:  0.25 miles

Week in review:  Decent running mileage week.  Highlights were two hot but good races, and two good medium runs with good running partners (Mike, Mike, Muddy, et al) and bad running partners (deerflies).  Not getting in the biking and swimming that I need, but on the other just loving running in the summer.
Week ahead:  This week's plan is a little different and relaxed with the goal being a fun run a day.  Will also end the week with my first tri of the season, and hope to sprinkle in a workout and medium run somewhere with the guys.

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