Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crabman Sprint Triathlon

Crabman Sprint Triathlon, South Kingstown, Sunday, July 29, 2012
Distance:  1/4 mile swim, 11 mile bike, 3.1 mile run

Results here.  1:04:12.  39th out of 309.  5th in age group.

Swim:  9:37, 167th overall (last year 8:35).  How come a minute slower?  Uneventful, other than couldn't see the second buoy due to sun - is that where I lost time?  The boys started 5 minutes ahead of me in their swim wave.  I chatted with Steve just before the start, and then never saw him again.

With my boys before the swim:
Steve said I looked quite feminine in my pink swim cap!

Done with the swim - hard to run in this thing!

Bike:  32:28, 58th overall (last year 32:45).  Thought I would have made up more time here.  Average speed 20.1 mph, maximum 27, on a mostly flat course.  I passed Matthew on Route 1 on the first lap, and Mark on the second.  Elise blew by me at about the same place, despite starting 5 minutes behind me.
Sharp turn on bike route

Run:  18:38, 4th overall (last year 19:55).  Had an abysmal T2 (1:42, 227th overall) in which I went down the wrong row and couldn't find my own setup.  Mark was behind me getting off the bike into T2, but still passed me in T2 due to my ineptitude.  It was too bad to lose time here, because I had a killer run.  I did not repeat my slow first mile from New London, as my first split off the bike was a much better 6:05, followed by 5:57 and 5:53.  Didn't count the runners this time, but I was having fun reeling them in one at a time.  Caught Mark at about mile 1, and got to see him again at mile 2 as the loop had a turnaround.  Passed Elise on the home stretch, and booked it in to finish 19 seconds ahead of last year's time.

Start of run - time to reel 'em in
Pumping arms in mid-air sprint to finish

Other WTAC finishers:  Steve ended up 1st in our age group.  Elise was 2nd woman overall.  Mike B looked strong -6th in a deep age group on I think his 2nd tri ever.  A few NRA guys as well - caught up with Ben afterwards - 4th in his age group after running Blessing on Friday AND Beavers on Saturday.

Both my boys did great.  There were only 3 finishers in the 14 & under category - Mark took a 1st and Matthew a 3rd.  Mark had a great swim with 60th overall, and finished 38th overall in the run with a 21:42.  Matthew was the youngest in the whole field, and finished his first ever sprint triathlon!  And that was after running the Blessing on Friday!  Matthew said he passed 20 on the run, and nobody passed him (hmm, sounds familiar).

Another fun triathlon comes to an end

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