Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weekly Log 30-Jul-12 to 05-Aug-12

Monday:  0

7+ miles.  Stonington Fun Runs.  6:34 pace with Mike B.  All the fast college kids were gone this night; felt strange to be up at the front.  For the first time, Matthew did not run.  He was bummed out over cutting his foot on a rock earlier in the day at Camp Watchaug.  Mike introduced his son to running the Stonington Fun Runs.

5 miles.  Hot mid-afternoon summer run.  Made the mistake of jumping on the trail through Lewis Pond:  overgrown, and scratched up my legs pretty good.  No criticism on the Westerly Land Trust; I know they're all volunteers maintaining the trails, but just the same, will likely stay off this one for a while.
3 miles.  Westerly Fun Runs, week 7 results.  18:10, 2nd overall to Jonny.  Slightly smaller crowd today, and none of the usual sprinters that fizzle out after 1/4 mile.  Was glad to see Jonny; he and I ran almost 2 miles side by side.  This course has many 90-degree turns, and it was interesting to see whoever had the inside angle on the turn came out of the turn a few feet ahead of the other.
The first mile was a blazing 5:29, one of my fastest, and not sustainable for me.  It was a struggle for me to stay with Jonny on mile 2.  I passed him on the short downhill on Kathleen, but he flew past me back on the uphill, and that was it; I had no "oomph" left.  Short distance to mile 2 (5:47 split), where he had just a short lead over me, but then on the long straightaway on Crandall he really opened quite a lead, where my pace dropped off considerably.  Back on Atlantic, I could see him ahead of me and felt like I narrowed the distance by just a few seconds despite not picking up the pace.  5:57 mile 3 split, and I tied my fun run PR, but was happy to see Jonny PR and go sub-18 (17:56).
Same overall time as last week, but not nearly as consistent:  last week 5:35/5:50/5:50, this week 5:29/5:47/5:57.
Justin's son ripped 30 seconds off his PR (see individual results online).  A big thanks to both of them for course marking.

Day off going into a busy race weekend.

8 miles.  Humid morning Misquamicut/Weekapaug loop.  Ran a set of 8 x (3 telephone poles hard, jog 1 pole), the rest easy in mid-7's.
5 miles.  Trails at Bluff Point State Park, Groton Fun Runs.

Morning:  Volunteered at water stop at John Kelley 11.6 race, New London.
Afternoon:  Block Island Triathlon.  See separate write-up.
0.25 miles
14 miles
5 miles.

5 miles.  Run 4 Kerri.  See separate write-up.
Weekly totals:
Run:  38 miles
Bike: 14 miles
Swim:  0.25 miles

Clear highlight of this week was the Block Island Triathlon.  What a blast!
No more immediate races planned.  Time to get in some workouts and longer runs, as I try to figure out my fall plans for a marathon or other long events.

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