Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Log 20-Aug-12 to 26-Aug-12

Monday:  0
Rest day after a big running week last week and Battle tomorrow.

6 miles.  Battle of Stonington 5K.  See separate write-up.

2 whopping miles.  Westerly fun runs 1-mile end of season.  My duties there kept me from a pre or post-run. 

Start of 1-mile:  Jonny and I in middle,
and Tom and Mike B on right
Took off together with Jonny.  After passing him, I heard footsteps right behind me at 1/4 mile, and thought it him re-taking me, but it was Tom.  Ran 3rd for a while behind Tom and 15-year old Nick.  Passed Nick out on Crandall Ave, and finished strong at 5:16 (5:10 split on GPS) for running on the road. 

Great finishing photo of top 4 all close:
Tom (5:13), me (5:16), Nick (5:20), Jonny (5:23)

Very low mileage week getting back after vacation, but great back-to-back road races Tue & Wed.

Thursday: 0
Long work day; having trouble getting back to reality schedule. 

Friday:  another 0
Ticked at myself for spending a beautiful day inside working, running errands, etc.  I've got to get back into my routine, or I'll be miserable.

14 miles with Mike B.  Only upper 60s, but very humid.  Two loops from the Y at 6AM, as depicted below.  11-miler out to Boombridge Road in North Stonington and back via hilly Potter Hill.  Quick water break, then ran the Schonning 5K course as a precursor to Wednesday's race.  Average pace 7:22.

12 miles.  Nipmuck Trail with Mike C.  Left my house in the dark just after 5AM to get this one in early enough.  Started in Ashford and ran 6 miles south to Route 44, and then 6 back.  Singletrack the whole way.  Most of the trail was in great shape, save some bushwhacking at the end.  A mix of flat and hilly trail, dirt trails, and rock gardens.  We never saw a soul the whole way!  My legs felt fatigued on the way back; didn't have the same spring jumping over fallen trees as I did going out.
Blue blazed Nipmuck Trail

At our turn-around at Route 44:
I learned CT does a good job marking
their trail heads along the roads

2 miles barefoot on the beach with Matthew.  Couldn't keep up with his sprinting.
1/4 mile from Old Town Beach out towards New Town.  Ocean was a warm 72 degrees and felt great!

Weekly mileage totals:
Run:  36 miles
Swim:  0.25 miles

Week in review: 
  • Much lower mileage than I wanted. 
  • The four days I did run were all great:  two great racing evenings, a fun road run on Saturday morning on quiet roads, and a Sunday morning run on trails I had never been on.
  • Looking forward to the Schonning 5K on Wednesday.  RD Polly told me today a record ~50 preregistrants.


  1. Great pictures from Wednesday's mile. I can't wait to do it again next year!

    1. Thanks Jonny! I think I actually preferred it to the Bottone Track Mile this year. Not nearly as hot, and change of scenery as opposed to 4 loops on the track.

  2. Nice run at the mile last Wednesday's never fun knowing that a Gazelle may be chasing you down! I'm hopeful to jump back into those Friday AM runs in the next few weeks.