Thursday, August 30, 2012

Schonning 5K

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Results here.  2nd overall; 1st in age group.

The old man takes a PR!  I had no idea if I had another one left for me in this lifetime, so this was a special thrill.  Better yet, this was on a certified course, and my last one was not. 

Solo warm-up.  Anxiously waiting for the gun to go off, it seemed like a lengthy speech on detailed pre-race instructions.  Please remind me to keep my remarks brief at WTAC events!
Start of the race:  Tom, Justin, Jeff
The gun went off, and I was in 5th place for the 1st half mile or so.  I loved running my favorite part of the course:  downtown High Street and Main Street, traffic-free behind a police cruiser.  On Main, I passed speedy local teens Riyan and then Nick, and from there on it was the same basic view for most of the race:  the back of Justin's and Tom's WTAC singlets.

1st mile split on Margin Street at 5:25!  Didn't even see the beautiful river views, just the WTAC singlets.  At turnaround at the cemetery, I was parched and actually grabbed a water to at least rinse my mouth from the dryness.  Slight uphill on Clark to Elm St.  I could feel this tiny hill!  Slight downhill to Mile 2 split at 5:50.  I had slowed 25 seconds, partly due to the net downhill, however slight, from the Y to the river, and then slight uphills in mile 2.

Sprint to finish
Final mile:  caught up to Tom on the small rollers.  You know Tom isn't quite right if I'm catching him.  Tom verbalized some motivation for me to get at it.  I hit mile 3 at 5:52, and then picked it up to a near sprint in 5:06 to finish between Justin and Tom at 17:49.

A lot of NRA singlets out there, but WTAC singlets in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!  Cooldown with Justin, Josh, and Mike C before a nice spread in the rear parking lot and my kids each "forced" me to run the Bolder Dash mini obstacle course.  The Bolder Dash officials asked if I'd sign up for the actual race Sep 15.  The day before Surftown?  Not happening. 

Great showing from Team WTAC.
Also put this shot on WTAC website.
Great turnout and performances for WTAC:  Justin defended his title, Tom is back if not 100%, Mike B had another PR and strangely exactly 1 minute behind me again, Elise won women's title, both my boys placed, Steve broke his target sub-21, and Mike C tied his PR.  Record 129 runners for this race!

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