Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Battle of Stonington 5K

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Stonington, CT.  Celebrating victory over the British in this War of 1812 battle.

Results here.  17:58!!  11th overall out of 244.  2nd in my age group.

Start of 2012 Battle of Stonington 5K
Late getting to race meant a short warm-up time (with Matthew), but possibly warded off the pre-race jitters I often have.  RD Steve Bessette announced this was the biggest Battle attendance ever, about 70 more than last year.  Serious competion here tonight with the top 5 all going under 16 minutes. 
I couldn't find Matthew at the start, until the race took off and I saw him - ahead of me!  A bold start (see him extreme left front in photo above).

End of lap 1:  half-way mark at 9 flat
Jeff Duda and I ran within footsteps of each other, just like 2011,
but a different outcome this year
I ran one of the most consistent races of my life:  5:43 / 5:46 / 5:46, with a 5:10 pace for final 0.1 sprint.  I was pushing it hard, but felt good the whole time.  On the final stretch from the cannons up to the library, there were two teenagers in my sight that I caught and passed.  I sprinted the final "uphill", expecting them to retake me, and they never did.
The teen age group winners got gazelled
by someone 3 times their age!
I saw the clock ticking 17:50, 17:51, ..., and pushed it wondering if I could actually get under 18 this time, the only time close this year being 18 flat at Super 5K.
17:58!  Yes!  2nd fastest 5K in my life, and I've run a few 5Ks.  What a feeling!  Took home a bottle of wine for my efforts.  Caught up with so many runners I knew afterwards, including a huge contingent from NRA.  Congrats to fellow WTAC'ers Mike B and Mike C for PRs!  Mike B went sub-19 for the 1st time ever and just 9 seconds from placing in a stacked race.  Matthew and neighbor/friend Jonny Eckel finished in an identical and impressive 20:48, just 4 seconds off Matthew's recently minted PR.
Apres-run celebration with WTAC running friends Mike B and Mike C

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