Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekly Log 10-Dec to 16-Dec-2012

Monday:  0
Needed rest day after Christmas 10K race.

Tuesday:  6
Nightime run through Chin Hill and No Bottom Pond neighborhoods, before circling through Misquamicut and home.  Easy 7:39 pace.

Wednesday:  8
Had intended to meet up with Mike G and Jonny for a morning trackwork session, but due to time constraints, didn't make it over to South Kingstown.  To recompense, I added Tom's ladder drill with 1/2 recovery to my run out to Watch Hill and back:

Except for the 5th and 6th short runs, none of the paces were as fast as I would have liked, although note that the first two sets were on roads, the third combination of trail/beach, and remaining on the beach.  So not exactly a fair comparison, but you can also deduce that by the 4th set I was pretty worn down with a 10:37 pace recovery.
Beautiful run back on the beach to Misquamicut; the last time I ran the beach from WH was two days after Sandy with a much different terrain.

Afternoon performed minor requested clearing in Champlin and then went up to Woody Hill to clear out a couple of obstructions on trails.  Even with the chainsaw running, I could hear two loud gunshots that seemed closer to me than they probably were.  You know what, 4:30PM, getting dark, shotgun deer season, I think I'll call it a day and come back in brighter daylight.

Thursday:  0
Between leaving for work at 4:30AM today and WTAC party tonight, even a 345 Club wouldn't have been early enough for a run.  Hoping to get in a good run or two tomorrow (Friday), and then easy run on Saturday before Sunday's Old Mountain trail race.

Friday:  6
A much anticipated return of the 445 Club!  Mike B, Tom, and I ran in the dark from Tom's house ran through the Weekapaug area including along the ocean on Spray Rock Road and past the new Weekapaug Inn.  Glad to have Tom back running!  While the pace wasn't quite our usual exuberant pace, it was still an honest 6:52 average.

Saturday:  3
1/2 mile on indoor track (BORING!), followed by easy miles with Matthew and his friend winding through fish packing plants in New Bedford.

Sunday:  8
Old Mountain 5K.  See separate write-up forthcoming shortly.
Weekly mileage total:  31 miles

Week in review
Another light mileage week.  The races are now over the year for me, but I'm looking forward to a lot of running over the holiday period, including hopefully a number of group runs and hopefully rescheduling Woody Hill/Wahaneeta. 

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  1. I'm beginning to think the 'C' in WTAC stands for 'Clearing'.