Monday, December 31, 2012

Weekly Log 31-Dec-2012 to 6-Jan-2013

Monday:  6
Final run of the old year.  Ran some hills through Chin Hill and No Bottom Pond neighborhoods, then finished up for a short distance on Misquamicut Beach.
Showered and then right off to a family New Year's Eve dinner and drinks at Margaritas, where we had a nice surprise of running into Jonny and his wife and family.

Tuesday:  5
First run of the new year.  Short easy paced run on roads and Misquamicut Beach.

Played around in Javascript and was pleased that I was able to write some code to display a moving slideshow on our WTAC webpage.  That and a trail race in 5 days partially compensated for my double depression today of taking down the Christmas tree and my longest vacation in years (12 days) coming to an end today.  L

Wednesday:  6
Snow covered trails in Wahaneeta Preserve and Woody Hill.  Coldest day of the season thus far.  Got out of the car at 17 degrees; was tempted to get right back in.  After a mile or so, I was warmed up pretty good.  Had the Yak-Trax on and ran 100% on snow covered trails.  Slower going for sure, but lots of fun.  There were other human tracks for a while, but once I got out towards the dam at Woody Hill Marsh, the only other tracks I saw were deer.  It was really neat to be out in the snow covered wilderness - still amazed every time that this exists right here in Westerly.

Thursday:  0
After 13 consecutive days of running, perhaps a record for me, I'm taking a day off.  Recuperate today, and then two days of running before Resolution 5K on Sunday.

Friday: 7
445 Club - first get-together of the New Year.  Tom and I started from his house at 23 degrees.  Our first mile was the slowest (7:01) and was chilly in shorts but acclimated after that.  Tom picked hills today (Moonlight, Urso, Meadow Ridge).  I could feel everyone of those hills, and from the first hill at mile 3, for the rest of the run, I was panting most of the way.  This was a chilly, but brisk run, and a good way to start these morning runs off for 2013.  [45 minutes; average pace 6:36]

Saturday:  7

Met up with Mike C and showed him some of the trails in Champlin Glacier Park and gave him chance to try out my Yak-Trax.  Most of the trails were packed snow, but there were definitely a few spots that were icy where I was slipping without the Yak-Trax and he had traction with the steel coils from the Yak-Trax, especially on corners and hills.  After hitting a few of the trails in Champlin, including highlights of Charlie's Overlook and frozen kettle ponds, we left Champlin and ran 1/2 mile of road to Rotary Park.  We finished up with running the Mastuxet Brook Trail, another Westerly Land Trust property that essentially is a brookside trail.  At the very end, with the trail snow covered, Mike managed to get a foot into the water, which I'm sure was mighty cold.  I guess I continue my recent legacy of getting a Mike into the drink during each trail run.  Good run; good times.

Sunday:  9
Resolution 5K.  See separate write-up.

Weekly mileage totals:  40

Week in review:
The first week of the year is in the books.  Just slightly below my new target average weekly mileage of about 45, but still a good week.  Will be looking to up the mileage the next two weeks, especially as race-free until three weeks from now.

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  1. Nice job on the WTAC web page - looks good and YOUR personal photographer did a great job taking those pictures. Make sure you thank her.