Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weekly Log 3-Dec to 9-Dec-2012

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  3+ miles
Balmy 56 degree evening run was all I could fit in.  Easy 5K route through Misquamicut at 7:30 pace.  Couldn't get into a groove; see what tomorrow brings.

Wednesday:  3 miles
In the careful what you ask for department, got a request from WLT to clear a few more downed branches in Champlin.  Actually, I was happy to go back into the woods to help clear.  Maybe Mike C and I and our twin lime chain green saws will both be maintaining running trails?
Late afternoon got a package with new trail shoes and I had to try them out.  Off to Champlin for a quick jaunt at 5PM.  Run on trails in the dark with no lights?  Am I crazy?  (It's a rhetorical question.)  Ran on the trail I knew best and felt like I knew every curve and jump coming, so I did OK.

NB610:  Shoe colors are getting wierd - I should've gotten these for Halloween.
Tried on the 1010s last week, and while I liked them, the warning sign on the shoes told me to hold off
for now, something to the effect if you're not running in minimalist now, run in these for no more
than 10% of your total weekly mileage to start.  After my shin splints early this year, I think I'll
keep easing my shoes progressively lighter.
Thursday:  8+
Misquamicut/Weekapaug loop at 27 degrees.  Ran 20 minute warm-up on Shore Road, then threw down a mile at 5:44.  It was slower than I was looking for, and it hurt as I was panting like a dinosaur at the end of the mile sucking in air.  Do you think it might have anything to do with running a grand total of 6 miles in the previous 4 days?  Or maybe no focused speedwork sessions in past few weeks?  Doesn't bode well for Sunday.  Was planning to run either 2 or 3 x 1-mile, but threw in the towel with my disappointing mile.
Ran/hopped the rocks out to the end of the breachway, and then ran the full beach back to Misquamicut.  By now the sun was up high enough and its rays felt good.

Followed up with a guided walking tour of the Wahaneeta Preserve, put on by the WLT which I'm a newly minted member of.  There were 20 participants; it was really really informative to learn about the history of the place, the boundaries, and next priorities in trail clearing.  They were also asking me about some of the running I've done in Wahaneeta and Woody Hill, and I got the chance to give some input on future trails in Wahaneeta.  Sweet.

Friday:  0
The closest I came to running today was redeeming an age group award from North Stonington Education race for a free lunch-for-two at Capt Daniel Packer Inne in Mystic.  Nice!

Saturday:  8
Late morning (7AM) group trail run in the rain with Muddy, Jonny, and Mike B.  Carter Preserve in Charlestown on a fun run led by Jonny.  A much needed cathartic run where we voiced out our collective issues on work, honey-do lists, and solved the world's problems during an hour and seven minute run.  Everyone should go on an occasional group run - it would make the world a better (or at least happier) place.

Sunday: 10
Christmas 10K.  Separate write-up shortly.

Weekly mileage:  32 miles

Week in review:  Much fewer miles than I had hoped for this week.  I need to get back to it this week, including some early morning runs, plus some form of speedwork.  Looking forward to the Old Mountain 5K next weekend.

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  1. Nice shoes!!! Next time let me know, and I'll get you the NB discount hookup...and yeah, I'll be out doing some work on the Narragansett Trail this morning! Let me know if you need help over in Champlin, too :)