Thursday, November 29, 2012

Weekly Log 26-Nov to 2-Dec-2012

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  0

Wednesday:  5
After double-zeros, shook off my laziness and romped in Champlin on some trail loops.  Overtired from a busy work week; good to get out even for a short run.

Thursday:  4
Nightime beach run.  No, in case you're wondering, or in case Julie is wondering, there were no other idiots on the beach at night, in the dark, on a cold and windy night.  I was the only one.  As with my previous venture on the beach post-Sandy, it wasn't hard running on the beach; the hard part was getting off the beach with all the debris and police tape.

Friday:  7
Wahaneeta Preserve and Woody Hill Management Area.  All trails.  A lot of serious clearing of fallen trees has gone on in Wahaneeta even the main trails of Woody Hill since I last ran here with Tom four weeks back.  They've also extended the trails slightly further in Wahaneeta and looks like they continue to work on them.  Great stuff!

Saturday:  21
AM:  [15]  Nice early morning group run of 5 WTAC'ers:  Jonny, Muddy, Tom, Mike B, and me.  Was hoping to get more trails in via a run in Woody Hill, but being the first day of shotgun deer season, Jonny brought me to my senses and we'll do that hopefully in a few weeks.  Ran from the Y in the 32-degree darkness up to Boombridge crossing into North Stonington, Anthony down to Ashaway, and Laurel Road to Potter Hill Road for a few circles in Whitely Preserve.  I likely Whitely; it's small but fun leaf-covered trails along the river.  We then ran 7 sets of [2 telephone poles @ 10K, 2 rest] which brought us up to the mother of a hill climb up Potter Hill and then all the way up to the Westerly Town Forest.  It's always a fun romp in the Town Forest for me, with plenty of good hill climbs and descents.  Today was no different; I especially enjoyed running hard on the long climb on the orange trail back up to the power lines.  Ran the the trail along National Grid poles back out and then main and side streets back to the Y.  Pushed the final mile, especially with Tom.  Final mile was a 6:06 average.  It's tough to push on tired legs, but it's good practice for race day.  Biggest group for a long run in a while.  Look forward to more of these.  [1:53]

PM:  [6]  Spending 6+ hours at the South County Y, I got out for a break mid-afternoon.  Ran 2.5 miles at Old Mountain Field with Matthew and his friend, and then we were joined by Mike G for another 3.5.  Mike showed us some newly cut neat loops near Old Mountain Field and then some trails he was in the middle of clearing behind the Y and dog park.

Two good runs, but the legs are spent now.  Bonus:  I broke through my full-year goal of 2,000 miles today!  Most miles ever in one year!

Sunday: 0
Spent the day on yardwork, shopping, and our search to find the "Griswold family" size Christmas tree, which the quest appropriately ended in the town of Griswold.  With three boys in the household, my wife has long given up on trying to convince us to go with a much easier and more normal size tree.  Fortunately Mark is strong as an ox to help me fell, drag, and hoist our 16-footer up on top of the car, and we had four of us to stand it up in the house.  It still comes down to being all about the size.

Weekly running mileage:  37 miles

After two weekends off from racing (first time in many months), next weekend I'll be running Christmas 10K with a few of my WTAC teammates.  I'm looking forward to racing on the team and crushing my PR from last year (38:29, 6:12 pace).  Only time will tell if this is trash talking or not.


  1. Great job with the run on Saturday! And congrats on topping the 2K mark with your mileage, impressive feat! Looking forward to Newport next Sunday!!!

  2. Holy hell that's a big tree. See you Sunday.