Monday, November 5, 2012

Tarzan Brown race

37th Annual Tarzan Brown Mystic River Run
November 4, 2012
31:21.  9th out of 641.  3rd in age group.  Results here.

I was waffling on running this one as I've been racing pretty much every weekend, but when I heard so many other WTAC'ers were planning on this (Mike B, Mike C, Steve, Tom, Jeff V, etc), I was in.  Should have pre-registered as it cost me an extra $5 an a shirt.  Live and learn.

I ran this the past two years alongside Matthew, and enjoyed it with him.  The last year that I actually raced this was 2007, when I ran a 33:20.

Went out for a warm-up along the river with Mike C, who was ready to run after being without electricity for 6 days.  Came back and lined up at the start with Tom, with Mike B and Steve a few rows back.  The gun went off and I went out pretty hard.  I went through Mile 1 in 5:46 and was probably about 20th and was feeling good so I kept pickin' em off.  Mile 2 started to get into the rollers, and I came through that slower but still solid at 5:58.

I saw the two lead guys way ahead of much of the pack, and then hit the turn-around in 13th place.  Heard my name a number of times heading back against the throng of runners now and acknowledged a few with a thumbs-up, but was mostly pushing it here, even passed two guys going uphill, which is not my strength.  Came through mile 3 with my slowest pace of 6:04.  Picked it up again for mile 4 at 5:52 and mile 5 at 5:51, where I passed one more guy who was breathing hard and slowing.  Kicked in the final portion at a 5:25 pace, and had nothing left to even talk to Tom at the finish line for another minute or two.

Caught my breath with Tom; he finished 5th overall a minute plus ahead of me.  Watched Jeff V, Mike B, Steve, Mike C and the others come in. 

Went over and introduced myself to Tarzan Brown's grandson as I'm a fan of his grandfather's running feats, and his family was quite friendly and talkative to me.  One family member suggested I go over and talk to Tarzan's wife and shake her hand, as she was sitting in a car with the window down.  I was not prepared for the comment/question I got from her, which was something to the effect that I looked like an "older runner" and did I happen to have run with or known her husband?!  I remembered that Tarzan ran in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, but it wasn't until I got home that I found out he was born in 1914!  I thought I ran pretty well at the race for a 90-plus year old!  Nice woman; it was a pleasure to meet her and her family.

Was thrilled to have finished in the top 10.  It was also the first race longer than a 5K that I had averaged sub-6 pace.  Jogged to Mystic River Park with the Mikes for chowder, cider, and awards.  Congrats to all, and especially to Kelsey who went home with the main trophy for overall female winner.

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