Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weekly Log 19-Nov to 25-Nov-2012

Monday:  7 miles
Li'l Rhody course minus the final road section, with Steve.  I think this was my 7th time on the course in the past two weeks.  If I spend any more time here, I'm going to have to apply for room and board at Jonny's house.
Our WTAC sweeper did a really good job with the flags, signs, and police tape, and there only a handful of items for us to pick up.  Sent an e-mail to DEM and RI NEMBA on trail status; got a nice response back from both and very appreciative of the WTAC.  Was glad Steve got out on the trails to see them and the results of our clean-up effort.
I think my 1st pair of trail shoes are toast.
Do they normally wear out like this?
Tuesday:  0

Wednesday:  7
445 Club with Tom and Mike B.  Mostly flat and quiet roads through Misquamicut and Avondale, but then pushed it on the 100' climb through Chin Hill on the last mile.

Thursday:  8
Turkey Day.  Saw Muddy's truck next door at Champlin Park, and figured I'd see him on the trails for sure.  Ran multiple trails through Champlin, but never saw a glimpse of him.  Then went into Mastuxet to romp on the trails along the river.  Fell into a hole up to my knee; fortunately grabbed a nearby rock and wedged myself out of there before whatever was living below pulled me further down for its Thanksgiving feast.

Friday:  15
I got an e-mail telling me to meet in secret in a cemetery in SK on a day called "Black Friday" at a time just after sunrise.  Knowing that the sender (Jonny) is kind of a sketchy character, I didn't really know what to expect, however, despite my fears of being killed and sacrificed, it was all good running on SK Land Trust Trails with Jonny, Muddy, and Mike G.
Ran first through winding rolling trails in Duval.  This was the largest expanse of trails, and next after a little bit of running on roads, ran on the Browning Trail just off Shannock Road near the Charlestown line.  The final mile back Mike and Jonny were pushing the pace pretty good, but we recovered on the road back before one final fling into the Duval Trail.  Got back to our cars and saw a posted sign for a mountain lion sighting two days earlier!  Can that be true?  [2:00]

Came home from trail running, and crossed a few items off the "honey-do" list, which earned me permission to go back out in the woods to play.  Took my new saw, and with Westerly Land Trust permission, cleared up a few trail obstructions:

Saturday:  9 miles
Ran with Mike B at sunrise from Westerly Y down Mechanic/River in Pawcatuck to end; back Greenhaven/Mary Hall.  Warm at 46 degrees, but quite windy.
Came back home to find a tree that snapped during Sandy had now fallen to the ground in the wind.  In the past, this would have been a pain, but now it was an excuse to get the chainsaw out again and get my clearing crew (sorry, boys, video game time is over) out for some "fun" work.  Wrapped up the afternoon with a family viewing of "Skyfall".

Sunday:  4
Late afternoon 39-degree windy run with Matthew.  Ran through Chin Hill, and then circles on Mastuxet trails and back, peppered with conversation on cutting a new trail in our backyard.  Suddenly our acre of land no longer seemed sufficient; he was wondering if we could buy up the woods of our neighbors or at least secure the right to cut trails on their properties - I like his thinking!

Weekly total:  50 miles

Running recap:  50 miles is huge for me!  Having the 4-day weekend definitely helped me getting more running time in with more running partners, and I'm feeling good.  Mild depression of returning to a 5-day work week on Monday in tempered by the upcoming holiday season, two upcoming WTAC team races, and 12 consecutive days off at the end of next month.  Hoping to get some form of speedwork and a long weekend run in next week.


  1. That looks the same separation that happened with mine - they're shot for sure...

    4:45? You guys are nuts!

  2. I'm glad the River Goblin didn't eat you.