Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weekly Log 05-Nov to 11-Nov-2012

Monday: 0
Needed rest day
Tuesday:  7 miles
Track workout at Curtis Corner w/ Muddy, Jonny, Mike G (he is alive!), and Ben.  It was a frigid 24 degrees.  Jonny joked that my winter running gear apparently consists entirely of shorts that are 1" longer, a hat, and gloves.
Difficult to run hard in such cold temperatures that I haven't yet acclimated to.
4x200:  37, 36, 36, 30 (the first 3 at "glider" pace, the last one hard)
4x400:  52, 51, 50, 56 (I thought we were done after 3, so I put my effort into that one, and had nothing left for the 4th.  Thanks Galoob!)
2x200:  37, 34
Cool-down on the Spring Forward trails.
Spent the rest of the day clearing Li'l Rhody trails with Mike C and Muddy.  Made a lot of good progress today.  Hard physical work that left me exhausted and starved, but to me a grueling day of tree-clearing beats a good day at the office anyday.
Wednesday: 6
Winter storm run.  The weather got progressively worse throughout the day, and by my next opportunity to get out a run (late afternoon), we were in the middle of a Nor'easter, 34 degrees, 30 mph winds, pouring rain with some snowflakes mixed in.  Out we go ...
Other than a quick jaunt out to the pond via the short trail in Lathrop Wildlife Preserve, I ran entirely on the trails in Champlin Glacier Park.  It was my first time in there since Hurricane Sandy; I ran most of the trails, and the trails were in amazing shape.  Just a few places that could use a saw; I may contact the WLT and see if that's OK.
By the time I finished up, the temperature had dropped to 32 degrees and the mixed precipitation had changed to all snow and was sticking to the ground.  I came in the house soaked to the skin, cold to the bone, spattered in mud, and dripping water and snow, and proceeded to ask each of my family for a hug.  The response:
  • Mark told me I had rabies (apparently I was foaming at the mouth as well?) and to stay away.
  • Jana just gave me a disgusted look, as if questioning (again) why she ever married me.
  • Matthew not only me took me up on the offer of a hug, but then proceeded to come outside to throw a few football passes with me on the lawn, in the soaking wet 32-degree weather, dressed in short pants, short sleeve T-shirt, and for some reason socks but no shoes.  Yeah, I am worried that the boy may have gotten a few too many of my genes!
Thursday:  0
Wimped out on running in the morning for a second run in the winter storm; then no time left rest of the day. 

Friday:  8
Li'l Rhody course recon w/ Mike B for the first few miles and Muddy for the full.  Car breakdown and delay of start turned out to be running out of gas due to a faulty gas gauge - could've been worse.

Saturday:  0
Back onto the Li'l Rhody course with today's clean-up crew (Mike B, Mike C, Lennon from RINEMBA).  Got heckled for wearing identical outfits with Mike B; although Mike C and I also turned up with our new matching green saws.  We sawed through the carnage of trees and limbs and made mince meat out of them; see pics on WTAC web site.  The trail is now clear for the race next Sunday!  Yes, a few detours and jumps over trees, but this thing wasn't passable a week ago.
After another day of heavy clearing, I am SORE!  Legs, hips, back, etc.  No running today; hope I'll be back from Avondale 5K Sunday.

Sunday:  8
Avondale 5K.  Separate write-up shortly.

Weekly mileage totals:  29

Week wrap-up:
Saw this ad in a magazine today, and it just resonated with me after a week where I got called
from work two nights in the middle of the night, and twice Saturday while I'll on Li'l Rhody clean-up.
The unclear text is "Let someone else climb the corporate ladder".  As for me, I'm going running ...
Lowest mileage week in a long time, as I think I spent most of my week living in Burlingame State Park getting course ready for next Sunday. Was good to get back with the original track and trail workout crew early in the week and to finish with a strong local 5K.
On the downside, I am very sore tonight after multiple clean-up efforts.  Mike B suggested taking Aleve, which I did tonight, only mine had an unusual spelling:  TANQUERAY.  I'm sure it's the same painkiller.  No physical activity for me tomorrow; hopefully the soreness passes quickly as I ready for Li'l Rhody next Sunday.


  1. Nice work on the track and on the trails. I wanna turn that high log into a mountain bike overpass!

  2. Great work taking on the Burlingame clean-up. It is appreciated. And the Industrial Revolution was built on the back of gin so I think you've got the right idea.