Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weekly Log 12-Nov to 18-Nov-2012

Monday:  0
Needed recovery day.

Tuesday:  4
AM:  Still sore,especially hips and calves; skipped run. 
PM:  Got home from work, and it was dark, 40 degrees and rainy.  Perfect - let's go out running!  Just ran the Tom Harvey/Wicklow/Shore route slowly to get my legs going.

Wednesday:  16
AM (8 miles):  Ran Li'l Rhody course a final time; this time with Mike C.  40 degrees.  Chilly near the start, but once we got into the woods it was fine.  Impressed with how good the course looked after clean-up until we got to one downed tree that we missed about mile 6.  Damn!  What to do now?  Get the saws for another mini-cleanup?  No, a mile in from closest road.  Opted to make a small detour; this one was an easy one.  Glad Mike got to run the whole course pre-race; it's the least he should get after all the work he's put in.
PM (8 miles):  Doubled down with my first "legal" Misquamicut run post-Sandy, as the roads finally opened up this week.  Ran down to Weekapaug, and along the way, ran 12 sets x (2 telephone poles hard, 1 easy).  Jumped onto the beach just west of Weekapaug Bridge - ah, how good it felt to run on my beloved hometown beach again.  Ran the beach 2 miles or so to Windjammer, until I had to exit because it was no longer passable.  Just getting the short distance from the beach to Atlantic Ave was quite a chore, as it was dark now and I was wading through chunks of concrete and debris, and then under police tape (an outlaw once again) onto Atlantic Ave.  Running along Atlantic Ave was just eerie as it was a ghost-town, running in the dark, road still sand-covered in many places, and running along huge piles of sand and debris.  The few cars that passed me just kicked up clouds of sand, which wasn't pleasant.  This wasn't the Atlantic Ave that I know.

Thursday: 0
AM:  Closed, finalized, and submitted Li'l Rhody pre-registrants (166) at 4AM; missed opportunity for a run.  Hopefully in afternoon.
PM:  No dice.  This will be my day off.  Friday it's the 445 Club, followed by an easy 5+ on Saturday.

Friday: 12
AM [7.5 miles]: Well, well, look who's joined the "445 Club":  Mike B.  Just when I thought there were no more lunatic runners in the greater Westerly area, we rustled one more up out of the woods.  After finally getting it through to Mike (he's a Chariho grad) that the start time for "445 Club" is actually 4:45AM, he still followed through and the 3 of us started from Tom's house.
Today's was a good workout route that Tom picked:  hit the hills of Moonlight/Urso, first 5 miles were between 6:26 and 6:43 pace, before going down onto the beach at Fenway, past the new Weekapaug Inn, and then a gradual climb from sea level to 116' to end the run, with a near-sprint at the end.  Average pace 6:45.  Fun stuff!  What else is there to do at 4:45AM?!
PM [4.5 miles]:  Matthew was looking for a running partner to go into Champlin (we don't let him run there alone).  Easy pace; it was neat for him to suggest trails he likes.

Saturday:  5
Newport, RI:  Mid-day run in sunny upper 40-degree weather, with Matthew, and neighbor/friends Jonny and his mom Beth.  Ran from the Newport Y, then on the beach at Easton's Beach, and onto the CliffWalk.  Easy pace, as it's the day before Li'l Rhody.

Sunday:  9
Li'l Rhody 8 Mile Trail Race.  Separate write-up shortly.

Weekly totals:  46 miles

A good mileage week, culminating in one of my favorite local races.
Looking forward now to some down time over Thanksgiving, hopefully a good trail run with running friends on Friday, and a weekend free from racing!

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  1. I'd like to do that telephone pole workout with you one of these days. Best of luck at Lil Rhody!