Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weekly Log 16-Sep to 22-Sep-2013

Coming off Cloud 9 from Surftown, I'm getting ready for OCY Tri this coming weekend, while at the same time trying to finish final preparations for Smuttynose Marathon.  It's a tough balancing act!  If only I could retire and spend my daytime efforts on my running and athletic endeavors ...

4 miles.  Post-Surftown recovery with an easy run from Wahaneeta up the trail to Fern Drive, east on Swamp Trail, out to Woody Hill Marsh and back.  Fern Drive Trail is overgrown and need of maintenance; hopefully I'll make good this fall on some clearing, and maybe even tackle a Swamp Bypass Trail.  Out at Woody Hill Marsh, in contrast, there has been some concentrated cutting and clearing.  Seems very methodical; must have been DEM.  On the Swamp Trail, I could not see any human footprints, but the prints of plenty of cloven brethren.  I surmise no human has set foot on this trail since my last run in the spring.  Came out mildly scraped up, but had a lot of fun.  Humans seen:  0; deer:  1.
New signage, and the new parking lot is open for business

6 miles.  Champlin trails.  Another day; another favorite trail system that I hadn't been on in quite a while.  Could have spent much more time in here, but alas, dinner called.  Again, humans seen:  0; deer:  1.

8 miles.  Workout at Ninigret with FiveK.  Running here reminded us that the Charlestown Police 5K is coming up late October.  4 x 800 on soccer fields (2:42, 2:42, 2:44, 2:42), followed by 2 x 400 (73, 73) and finally 2 x 200 or 35 second approximation.  Cooled down on trails that Tom ran as a youngster, and we caused many rabbits to scurry today.  3rd day in a row on trails; what to make of this?

5 miles.  Old Mountain Field trails.  Headed from Kingston train station to Narragansett High School to see Mark's soccer game.  With an extra 1/2 hour to spare, stopped in at South County Y and went to run the Old Mountain trails.  The trails immediately behind OMF were fine, but once I ventured further back onto the sections from previous years' OMF 5K, they quickly became overgrown.  At one point, got my foot caught up in some undergrowth (couldn't see the ground because ferns everywhere) and fell, landing in a nasty patch of briars that took me a little while to pick myself clear.  Followed the footpaths for a while until I somehow went off the trail and had to do some bushwhacking and rough guesses on directionally which way to go, yes across more briar patches.  Except for the briars, the rest was fun.
Tried to slip in to the Y as easily as I could with my blood and mud spattered legs, but unfortunately a few teenage girls at the entrance pointed me out with girlish screams.  Surface scratches only, but it didn't look too good.

15 miles.  Final brick of the year.  Counterclockwise around Winnapaug Pond and out to Watch Hill.  Pushed it as hard as I could on Atlantic Ave westbound, and FiveK took the bait.  Moved up a couple of places up on the segment, despite the headwind.  Good ride.
3 miles.  Newbury loop.  Descending pace:  7:12, 6:37, 5:55.

3 miles.  Easy and short Misquamicut shake-out prior to OCY Tri on Sunday.

0.5 miles.  OCY Tri.  Separate write-up shortly.
14 miles.  OCY Tri.
3 miles.  OCY Tri.

Weekly totals: 
Run:  32
Bike:  29
Swim:  0.5

Thus ended the 2013 tri season.  Run mileage lighter than I would like, but you just can't do everything (or at least I struggle to).  Two weeks to Smuttynose.

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