Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weekly Log 9-Sep to 15-Sep-2013: Stavros Beach Run and Surftown Prep

Between recuperating from FirmMan and backing off for Surftown, this will be a pretty light running and riding week for me.  Just starting to get into the Fall racing season, and I'm loving it.

Monday:  0
Hobbling around from yesterday's FirmMan endurance event.

5 miles total.  Charlie Stavros Memorial On the Beach Run.  Results here.
Start of the 2013 Stavros Beach Run
Two days after FirmMan, the question for me was never about racing the beach run, but rather whether I would be able to run it at all.  In the morning, I was leaning against it still feeling this large "rock" in my right calf from where my leg had cramped and spasmed.  But by evening, I went for a short jog on the beach and thought I'd give it a go.  This is after all my "backyard" and one of my favorite places to run.

We had a small field of 39 runners, and have always said we prefer a smaller, more intimate gathering for this WTAC summer season finale.  As my feet are used to running on the beach barefoot during the summer, it was an easy choice to again skip the running shoes (especially since I had left them at home!).  Mike G and Chris G made the trek down to Westerly and took off in the lead with FiveK and another future WTAC convert that I later met, Nate.  Who's that in 4th place?  Well, it's Matthew ripping off low 6s on the beach!  He asked me at the start what I was intending for a pace, and when I replied about 6:45, he blew past me as he wasn't going to stand for that!
I'm in my "happy spot":  running on the beach.
 My blog readers and running friends may know that I generally don't like out-and-backs and cone turnarounds, but this race is different and besides, logistically you couldn't do much different if you wanted all beach.  I loved seeing the leaders take it out, slapped hands with our turn-around crew of Critchlery and Leanne Noonan, and as always had a blast seeing the runners on the return trip.  Since I was taking it "easier" today, I took more time to clap and cheer on fellow runners as well.  First two miles were at 6:45 pace, and for the final mile, I picked it up to just sub 6:30.  When I tried to push any faster than that, the "rock" in my leg acted up and told me to take it easy, so I just ran at shoreline edge, even through the water, just soaking in the beautiful surroundings and fun event.
Looking down Atlantic Ave at end of tonight's run:
The sun has set on the WTAC summer run series,
but we'll be back again next year!

18 miles.  After a really frustrating afternoon of work, I was [barely] able to get in a ride with Steve and FiveK.  Start was from my house, and I had to send them off on their own at first as I dealt with work issues, but thankfully got the ride in as I needed a stress buster by then.  Got another flat (2 in same week) on Atlantic, but by then I was just happy to be out riding.  Really pushed Atlantic eastbound hard to average 25.7mph.  Yes, that's with a bit of a tailwind, but I'll take it.  Really fun.

Thursday:  0

5 miles in Watch Hill with FiveK and Matthew running mostly on Surftown course roads.

3 miles solo jog.  Surftown shake-out.

19.  Surftown!  See separate write-up.

Weekly totals:
Run:  32 miles
Bike:  18
Swim:  --

I wish I had swam and biked more, but I just can't do it all.  A really fun week with Stavros Beach Run and Surftown Half Marathon.  Next week I wind down the tri season with OCY Tri and then focus more on Smuttynose

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