Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly Post 2-Sep to 8-Sep-2013

Depressing that the summer is coming to an end, and beaches closing for the season.  Closed out August tracking about 80 miles behind my 2,200 run miles goal for 2013, but run miles should increase after tri season ends.
At least it's "Happy New Shoes week":
got 425 miles out of the last pair of 890 V2,
will be running in these 890 V3s for major Fall races
Hopefully the next 3 consecutive race weekends (FirmMan, Surftown, OCY Tri) will soften the end of summer.

6 miles.  White Rock Labor Day run in the fog and light rain.  Dropped Mark off for WHS soccer practice at 7:45AM, and took advantage of running from a different location.  Legs feeling lethargic after a few consecutive days of heavy mileage running and riding.

5 miles.  Train running 1 hour late.  Back to sleep or out to run?  Both - lay in bed another 15 minutes, then drove to Y, and ran up to WHS.  Went right past the Muddy-mobile; he is a man true to his word of getting in early as his was the only vehicle in the faculty parking lot.  Ran two 400s on the track:  68 / 66, dripping with sweat in the thick humid air.  Will come back on a better day.  Finished out on quiet streets and neighborhoods, before showering at the Y and catching the train to Beantown.

18 miles.  Morning ride out through Greenhaven.  Picked up my first ever Strava KOM on East Ave.  Woo-hoo!  Not that it will last long, but exciting nonetheless.

Thursday: 0
The old legs told me they needed a day off.  I don't think I'd be able to carry a streak like Muddy.

0.7 miles.  I know I haven't been swimming much, but I had no excuses with a clear sunny day today, and went down to the Town Beach for a swim.  Worked on my bilateral breathing again.  Other than initial goggles trouble, I just got into a rhythm, which is what I plan to do Sunday for a slow, but steady swim.

8 miles.  Run with Matthew:  loop out to Avondale, and back through Misquamicut.  His pick; his Surftown training is going well.

4 miles.  Shake out run down to the beach and back.

1.2 miles.  FirmMan Half Ironman triathlon.  See separate write-up.
56 miles.  FirmMan.
13 miles.  FirmMan

Weekly mileage:
Run:  36 miles
Bike:  74 miles
Swim:  2 miles

Week recap:
Made it through FirmMan, if not limping.  It's really tough to fit in quality running, biking, and swimming sessions.  The upcoming week should be easier with "just" a half-marathon next Sunday.  Looking forward to Surftown.

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  1. I dig those shoes. My 890v2s are nearing the end of their service.