Thursday, November 14, 2013

Weekly Log 11-Nov to 17-Nov-2013

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  5
4:40AM solo run.  Westerly Hospital loop.  So glad I got out there finally.

Wednesday:  18!
AM:  8 miles. Solo Li'l Rhody recon, taking a page from Jonny's book.  27 degrees!  Still shorts weather, but wore two tech shirts, gloves, and a hat.  Frigid for the first mile until I got into the woods and into a rhythm.  Ran this really hard, and was disappointed to find myself struggling and breathing hard, especially on the uphills.  52:25.  Not bad, but don't see how I could shave off another two minutes to get to my PR time from last year of 50:25.
PM:  10 miles. Finally got indoctrinated to Hell Field with a workout with FiveK:  5 x (800, 400).  Results:  (2:52, 83), (2:50, 81), (2:53, 83), (2:52, 82), (2:51, 74).

Thursday:  3
Durham, NC.  Run on paved path around hotel and industrial park with Jana.

Friday:  3
Triangle Park, NC.  Looked up on internet for running suggestions, and found a nearby "American Tobacco Trail", no doubt in recognition of the tobacco history here.  Drove just 10 minutes to trailhead.  Trail was well marked and in good shape.  Ran a short section of the extensive trail with Jana.
Running a section of the American Tobacco Trail today in North Carolina

Saturday:  4
Local trails in Champlin.

Sunday:  8
Li'l Rhody Runaround.  See separate write-up.

Weekly mileage total:  43

Finally, mileage back up over 40!

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