Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weekly Log 25-Nov to 1-Dec-2013

Thanksgiving week, and then we're into December already.

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  5
Headed to Barn Island for a 7AM run in which I thought I'd have the place to myself.  Wrong!  Shotgun deer hunting season just started in CT, and as such the parking lot was overfull and trucks and cars parked along the road.  Maybe I'll just come back another time, like after Dec 10 when shotgun season ends.  Now ... where are trails where hunting is NOT allowed?
Westerly Town Forest!  Hadn't been here in a while.  Had the place to myself.  All but the orange trail were in good shape, with the latter quite overgrown (make note to self to contact conservation commission).  Fun running.  The hills wore me down.

Wednesday:  5
4:30AM run with FiveK.  Dark, rain, and winds of 30+ mph.  I just don't understand why we don't get lots of runners to join us!  Running down Weekapaug Road through the open marsh / pond area was just brutal and tough to make any forward progress.  Mike B was planning to join us, but I think we lost him with the news of the impending rainstorm.  We should have just told him that over here in RI it was dry, calm, and clear - he's a fellow Chariho graduate, so he probably would have believed us.

Thursday:  10
Thanksgiving solo run in Misquamicut.  Had strong tailwind on Atlantic Ave as I ran 6:30s pace.  Back into the wind on Shore Road home, I pushed hard just to maintain high 6s.  Average pace 6:44.

Friday:  9
Group trail / road mix run in Usquepaugh section of Richmond / SK.  Mikes G and B, Seth, and me.  Started off right away with long uphills on trails in Crawley Preserve.  Wound around and out to Punchbowl Trail, where we had another steep ascent of just about 200'.  After that, it leveled off as we went back into the woods, mostly on logging trails along a ridge with a really cool view.  Exited out onto James Trail, where we found some cool single-track trails through the pines and around small ponds.

Saturday:  12
17-degree group long run from Long Pond, Hopkinton, with three Mikes, a FiveK, and a Muddy.  Right off the bat you could tell Mr Puddin' wasn't himself, as we were missing his witty repartee and frequent stretching of the legs and knee at rest stops.  Hope he's back for Christmas 10K.  A fun run up through Yawgoog Trails up to and around Hidden Like, then Dinosaur Caves, and a trek through Green Falls Pond. The "Clamshell Trail" quasi-marked with quahog shells and white rocks was more bushwhacking than trail running, but otherwise all good stuff.  FiveK decided he was too warm, and put his foot in the drink.  Frigid!

Sunday:  3
Short & easy solo local roads.  Near 50 degrees for 1st day of December, but rainy.

Weekly mileage total:  44

Decent mileage week!

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