Thursday, November 21, 2013

Weekly Log 18-Nov to 24-Nov-2013

Fall race season ends for me on a positive note at Li'l Rhody.  Happy personally with my PR, and for the club with a record turnaround.  Taking the next few weekends race free, and looking forward to some fun runs with running friends, including getting back to some long runs and hitting the trails.

Monday:  8
Usually my day off from running, but there was clean up work to do on the Li'l Rhody course.  A little more than I thought, as I spent two hours at sunrise on the trails cleaning up (in the rain no less!), and then another hour in the afternoon cleaning up the parking lot.  All for a great race and a good cause.

Tuesday:  0
OK, now I need my day off.  Feet a little blistered from yesterday's soaked run and all the puddles I went through.

Wednesday:  17
AM:  8 miles.  Easy recovery run around Winnapaug Pond.  Out Shore Road to Weekapaug Road to the breachway.  Near the breachway, I see a car approach me, but driving completely on the wrong side of the road.  Momentarily confused - am I in England?  or worse, India?  No heaps of garbage on the side of road - good, at least I'm not back in India.  No, you dunce, he's driving in courtesy of YOU and giving plenty of room - really nice - I give a friendly thank-you wave.  His courtesy puts me in a good mood, as I jump onto the beach for a tranquil beach run in our little piece of utopia.
PM:  9 miles.  Met up with FiveK for a run down to Hell Field on Workout Wednesday.  5 x 400 (76, 80, 75, 75, 69), 3-minute walk/jog rest, followed by 5 x 200 (36, 34, 34, 35, 34).  For the 200 set, we alternated one of us leading the way, with the other trying to stay on the leader's shoulder.  Made me really push myself, which is good.  Cool down through Weekapaug along the ocean at sunset.

Thursday:  5
4:37AM, 23 degrees.  Reality of dark and cold hits.  My bare legs were cold for the first mile or so, but warmed up.  Ran with FiveK out to Westerly Hospital and back.  Hilly, but spirited last three miles:  7:01 (100' elevation gain up Westerly Hospital hill), 6:40 (100' loss), 6:44 (70' gain).  We actually saw two other separate runners out there.  No, it was neither Boumenot celebrating the impending winter, nor Crutch out there getting in some early morning miles.

Friday:  3
Late afternoon Woody Hill.  Combination jog (with shears; you're not supposed to run with scissors, right?) and clearing on the Cliff Trail.

Saturday: 9
Afternoon run out to Watch Hill.  Low 7s pace.  Jumped onto the beach at East Beach.  High 6s pace on the beach run back to Misquamicut.

Sunday:  10
22 degrees and 20+ mph winds as I left the house to meet up with Mike B and Sean for a sunrise trail run from Wahaneeta Preserve.  Quickly warmed up as we ran the trails into Woody Hill.  When we exited onto the roads in Bradford for a short spell, it reminded me that running trails was a good idea as the cold and wind gusts were frigid.  Feel for my running friends waiting in this weather at start of Mews race today!  Back into the woods, passed a few hunters as we made our way out to the Cliff Trail and over the dam.  Showed Sean the fort - it is pretty cool!  Finished up via the renowned Swamp Bypass Trail and through Wahaneeta.  Good run with lots of talk about respective Li'l Rhody experiences.

Weekly mileage total:  52!

52 is probably a low mileage week for Jonny, but for me, it's the furthest I've run since marathon training a few months back.  Really happy with that, and feeling good.  Into the holiday season we go:  more time off from work = more running fun.

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  1. Love those workout double days. You will definitely reap the rewards from them. Keep it up!