Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas 10K

Newport, RI
December 15, 2013

36:55, 5:57 pace.  1st in age group, 5th overall of 224.  Full results here.

Probably my 6th or 7th time running this holiday race.  Originally about 15 WTAC runners had signed up for this, which would have been huge, but close to have bowed out due to weather concerns, injuries, etc.  Still had a really good turnout, and after some last minute reshuffling due to dropped racers, we were able to just form three teams:  two male and one female. 

Despite snow the previous days, weather was actually pleasant for December.  Roads were completely clear, temps in the upper 30s, and no precipitation.  Short shorts and singlet weather for me.

Mile 1:  Lined up with teammates Nate, Seth, and Matthew in 2nd row.  First mile is net downhill.  Ran with Nate, Seth, and a guy in red for half a mile or so before edging just ahead of them.  My fastest mile at 5:48.
Start of the 2013 Christmas10-K

Mile 2:  Hear someone pulling up to me.  Hoping it's one of my teammates, was happy to see Nate.  Hoped he'd stay with me or even pass me for motivation, but I went ahead again.  Wound past Castle Hill Coast Guard Station in an uneventful but consistent mile at 5:59.

Mile 3:  Slight downhill again to the ocean.  Jonny is about 1/10 mile ahead of me and I have grand visions of closing the gap, but keeping the same gap is the best I can do.  5:53.

Mile 4:  Jonny pulls further away, and this is the last I see of him until finish.  At this point, runners merge with walkers, which really doesn't pose any issue for me this time.  Kept similar pace along the ocean at 5:57.

Mile 5:  Final mile along the ocean, punctuated by puddles and seaweed on the road at this point.  Pace slowed slightly to 6:02.

Mile 6 to finish:  Climbed away from the ocean for last mile, but less hilly than I recall.  Maybe because last year I was locked in a battle with turtle Martin Tighe to the finish, whereas this year I had no one close ahead of me and I thought no one close behind me.  Totally zoned out until I saw the Mile 6 sign.  Slow mile at 6:14.  Picked it up slightly to finish in 36:55.  Was totally shocked to see teammates Nate and Seth finish right after me 3 seconds and 8 seconds later, respectively.
Turn into Rogers High School

Final strides to finish

Cooldown with Mike G (winner), Nate, and Seth.  Back for awards, donuts, and soup.  Team WTAC cleaned up with our two mens' team overall 1st and 2nd winners, and WTAC females the female team winners.  (Beth should have stuck around to pick up her winnings of beer and a gift certificate or other choice.)  I took home a 6-pack and a $25 gift certificate to Mariner Grille, Narragansett.  Finished up the day with nine of us have lunch and a drink at the Brick Alley Pub.  Great time with the team; we should add that as a Christmas 10K tradition to be repeated.

Matthew's chosen 1st place age group award:
 a deer (forefront) to add to our holiday lighting


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  1. Well I hope someone managed to get the beer and a gift cert in place of me! Who knew!