Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weekly Log 16-Dec to 22-Dec-2013

Turned in my notice to DECLINE to move to North Carolina with my job.  Next step, with unemployment looming, is to look into downsizing our house to live instead in an RV.  I'm hoping I can find something similar to Cousin Eddie's RV from "Christmas Vacation".
Ain't she pretty?  Don't laugh; we may be pulling up into your driveway
for an extended visit soon!
Switch to winter season (effective Saturday) brings new header photos to my blog.  These 3 winter races should be super-easy to identify, right, readers?

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  9
AM:  4 miles on local roads in a chilly 12-degree run before 5AM.  I'm sure it will get colder, but this is still technically fall today, isn't it?
PM:  5 miles.  Came home to falling snow.  Had already gotten my run in today, but couldn't pass up an opportunity to play in the snow.  Got out my Yaktrax, and ran to and through Champlin Glacier Park.

Wednesday:  11
Unfortunately the forecast 3-6" of snow didn't pan out, and we got maybe 1-2" instead, coated with some sleet.  The roads were sloppy, so trails looked like a better choice today.  Got out my Yaktrax again, and headed for Woody Hill Management Area.  Ran all trails, including Wahaneeta Preserve.  Really a good workout through the snow, but had a lot of fun and had the entire 800+ acres to myself.
Single-track through the forest;
looks like a mountain-biker actually beat me to this trail.  Galoob?

The stone fort hangout

Woody Hill Marsh takes on a very different look in the fresh snow
Downside is that my Yaktrax got torn some more.  Had made some jerry-rig repairs after my Yaktrax "wardrobe malfunction" at Belleville 10K, but I think they're now down to their last leg.  Hopefully Santa is reading my blog ... hint hint

Thursday:  5
4:30AM run with fellow nuts FiveK and Mike B.  Unfortunately I had to push this one a little in order to catch my 6AM train, but always good to get out there.

Friday:  14
AM:  5 miles.  Trail run with Crutch.  Started in Pafford Woods (Stonington) and explored some connecting trails in the area around the US Navy recreation area.  "No trespassing" signs?  Can't remember seeing any; we were just out running trails. 

Next snuck in a sushi lunch with Jana, followed by a trip to Hopkinton Liquor Depot.  Jana seemed disgusted with me there; not sure if it was because we had long picked up what we needed and I was still looking around, or because I was making orgasmic noises as I was checking out their Scotch selection.

PM:  9 miles.  OK, back to running.  FiveK and Mike B met up at my place for a Misquamicut workout.  10 minute warm-up, then one of my favorite workouts:  5-4-3-2-1-0.5 minutes hard, each punctuated with 50% of the time in recovery.  Splits:
Time Distance Pace
05:00.3 0.88 5:42
04:01.0 0.72 5:37
03:02.5 0.55 5:34
01:59.6 0.36 5:35
01:00.3 0.19 5:20
:31.2 0.11 4:50

Saturday:  13
Winter Solstice group run with Jonny, Muddy, Nate, Chris, Mike B, and Seth.  Started at the Quaker cemetery in Perryville, made it onto Green Hill beach for sunrise, then up Moonstone Beach Road to finish out the road portion of the run at just shy of 8 miles.  Muddy dropped here (thrilled to see him running!) and the six of us continued on for another 2-3 miles.  Nate, Chris, and Mike then ended their run, while Seth, Jonny, and I finished out just under a 2-hour run [1:52].  Thanks to Jonny for organizing this one.  Fun road/beach run, then some challenging trail hill climbs on snowy slippery slopes.
Sunrise at Moonstone Beach
(photo by Jonny)
Sunday:  8
Foggy run around Winnapaug Pond.  1st full day of winter?  55 degrees!  A bike pulled up alongside me; it was fellow neighbor / athlete "Sam Adams".  He's been injured past few months and unable to run; hopefully a visit to the doc in the new year will be a step in the right direction.  Next cyclist up was Jeff Vuono gobbling up some miles.  Jumped on the beach at Misquamicut for a short spell, but being high tide, the sand was too soft and I finished up on the roads.   Easy mid-7s pace.

Weekly mileage totals:  60

Week recap
Biggest mileage week since March!  Had some great runs, including running in the snow and the Winter Solstice group run.  Looking for another high mileage week next week with having the week off on vacation, but will then look to back it off to avoid overdoing it, shin split repeats, etc. 
Besides, by then, we will be into the trail race series.


  1. I have the NH disadvantage at identifying these races, but here goes(l to r):
    Brrrlingame Snowy Sufferfest, Resolution Beach 5k, and Belleville Pond 10k. We had -6 on Tuesday morning. I thought the same thing about it still being Fall officially. Best of luck with the job hunt. It must be tough to do after so many years in one place.

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  3. Brrr-lingame, Super 5K, Belleville...had to replace my Yaks today, as the rubber straps broke during last weeks' Pachaug run...and glad you're sticking around, if you score the RV I'm sure I can convince Lori to let you park it here ;)

  4. Glad you and the family are sticking around. Come on over! We'll start a running and brewing commune.

    1. We can pick up that land near the Crawley Preserve and set up shop there!

  5. I'm moving into the Stone Fort in Woody Hill after I fake my own death. The Walkers are more than welcome to park the RV outside of it. I may even mooch electricity from you.

    The pictures: Brrrrrlingame Snowy Sufferfest, Super 5K and Bellville 10K.

  6. Correct races are Brrr-lingame Snowy Sufferfest (a memory that will always be etched in my mind), Super 5K, and Belleville 10K. Crutch and Muddy won this one, with honorable mention to Glenn with the NH disadvantage.

    Looks like I'll have plenty of places to park the Cousin Eddie RV!

  7. Wow, I think it is safe to say you had a pretty sweet running week. My backyard might lend itself to your RV if other offers don't pan out.

  8. I can't offer up any parking space for the RV, the backyard, what little there is of it here on Summer St is reserved for the dogs... Glad you are staying! The Snowy Sufferfest was awesome. The jaw dropping beauty of the snow upon entering the woods, wowza...