Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Weekly Log 23-Dec to 29-Dec-2013

Christmas week!  How quickly the season is upon us and then vanishes just as quickly into the cold doldrums of January.

Monday:  6
2nd annual "Christmas Light Run".  FiveK, Matthew, Jonny Eckel, and I were the gracious guests of a fun run set up by Mike B from his house.  Thanks to Mike for setting up 10K of a run through neighborhoods well decked and lighted for the season.  I should have brought a camera for this one.  Although it rained the whole time, temps in the 40s plus the camaraderie kept this run festive and fun.  Back at the ranch, I deem Mike's garage running display second only to Freddy. (link courtesy of FiveK)

Tuesday:  8

'Twas the morning before Christmas, when all through the Walker house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
Hopped in the car, and headed to Grills,
To meet up with running friends for pre-holiday frills.

Standing in the cold, we were anxious to get going,
But were all waiting for Crutch to make his showing;
Alas, we got running lest we all freeze,
When we realized Crutch was still home catching "Z"s!

At first we had trouble seeing in the early morning dark,
But then Garvin's neon green shoes lit up the whole park;
At dawn, we crossed over to the Westerly side,
And then the seven of us ran along the Pawcatuck River-side.

On Muddy, Gazelle, and Jonny, on Chris, Mike, Sean, and Nate,
The Strava segment to the top of Big Hill; who amongst us will take the bait?
As we wrapped up our run, and drove our cars out of sight,
To each we wished a Happy Christmas, and to all a good night!

(With apologies to Clement C. Moore)

Wednesday:  5
Christmas morning beach run.  24 degrees, but sunny.  Had a short window before heading to Mom's for dinner; got out to get in my fix. 
Christmas running gifts:
running shoes, gloves, Yaktrax Run, running pullover
Thursday:  5
Ran from the Y out to North End, while waiting for Mark.  Just got started out on Canal Street, when a group of teenagers were throwing some trash talk my way:  "Faster, faster!   Can't you run any faster than that?".  I yelled back for them to come show me how it's done, but I didn't get any takers.  Continued uneventful on a loop through the North End, and returned back via the Amtrak tunnel.  Just entered the stairs to the tunnel, when I see the same teen group is now camped out here.  One with an afro from the 80s says, "You again.", and I responded, "That's right, and here's your 2nd chance to show me how fast you are.".  Afro went quiet, but someone behind him said, "I can beat you.  I can beat you!".  I said, "You're on.  Let's go!".  For a while I heard feet running behind me; by the time we got to the stairs climbing out of the tunnel, the sound behind me was mostly heavy breathing, and by the time I exited onto Railroad Ave, they gave up.  You'd think the trash-talking teens should have been able to outrun an old man any day!  Finished up my run with a smile on my face.

Friday:  12
Group run w/ Jonny and Mike B.  Chilly start of 22 degrees.  Had to put on my winter heavy running gear (you know, the pair of shorts with a 1" longer hemline).  We had a hilly loop through North Stonington, Ashaway, trails in Flora Whiteley Preserve, then climbed up Potter Hill before running trails in Westerly Town Forest.  We ran five hill climbs of greater than 100', including road climb of 150' up Potter Hill/Laurel, and trail climb of about 180' from the Pawcatuck River up. 

Saturday:  5
Short window to run before hosting a holiday party for 25 relatives.  Ran Champlin trails.

Sunday:  4
Balmy, but rainy run in Riverwood Preserve with Crutch, Matthew, and his friend.

Weekly mileage total:  45

Decent mileage week for the last full week of 2013.  Expect less mileage next week with Old Mountain 5K on the weekend, plus the reality of back-to-work.


  1. Merry Christmas! If the reindeer ever let down Santa he can call on a Gazelle at 4:30am!

  2. Hey, I made the second stanza! Merry Christmas to all!!!