Monday, March 10, 2014

Ocean's Run Half Marathon 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014
South Kingstown, RI

1:21:16, 6:13 pace.  6th overall out of 487, 1st in age group.  PR!  Full results here.

Mike2 (Mikes B & C) arrived in Westerly at 7:30AM for a carpool to Matunuck.  A few light snow flurries quickly told us it would be a cold weather day.  Met up with FiveK and Shara in the Matunuck School parking lot and indeed we were all cold waiting for the bus in the low 30s (Mike C was more manly and walked to the start instead).  Told FiveK and Mike B that I'd take today's weather for a race any day over a hot, hazy, humid day in the 80s, but the look I got back indicated they didn't share my opinion.

The crew on the frigid wait for the bus to the start.

Went for a warm-up with Mike B, FiveK, Shara, Matthew, and Jeff Duda, but early on in the run, the whole group bailed except JD and I.  Something I said?  Finished out 2 miles and headed to the start.  Stripped down to shorts (the "long" winter version with the extra 1" hem line) and my WTAC singlet.  Looking through the crowd, many were bundled up and I could find only one other runner in a singlet, who himself was wearing full length arm-warmers.  Uh-oh, did I make a mistake?

Miles 1 - 3:  The Crabman run route.  Pretty aggressive miles at 6:04, 6:07, 6:09.  FiveK was leading a pack of about six through this section.  At turn around points, I could see Seth and Jeff D just behind me, with Mike B and Shara just a bit further back.

Miles 4 - 10:  Long, lonely stretch.  Three miles out to Green Hill Road, and then three miles in Green Hill neighborhood.  In mile 4, I caught up to and passed one guy for the only runner encounter I would have on the remainder of the course; good thing I caught him as it turned out he was in my age group.  At about mile 5, Chris Garvin and family were a welcome temporary distraction on Matunuck Schoolhouse Road.  Miles 8 - 10 wind through Green Hill, with some beautiful sights of the ocean, before headed back out to the main road, Matunuck Schoolhouse Road.  I really got off pace here, between going into the slight wind, minor hills, and just losing focus.  I had a 6:08 and a 6:09 mixed in here, but the rest of the miles were varying 6:16 to 6:21, with the slowest mile on mile 10 going into the wind on Green Hill Road at 6:26.
Mile 7 in Green Hill Beach
(Photo by Seth's family)
Miles 11 - 13:  OK, with the wind and minor hills behind us, time to pick up the pace to finish strong.  At one of the turns in Green Hill, I saw Jeff Duda not far behind me ready to chase me down.  Final miles 6:09, 6:06, 6:04!  Crossed the finish line in 1:21:16, good for a PR by 12 seconds!
Mile 12 - picking up the pace to finish with a PR!
(Photo by Chris Garvin)

Went on a cooldown with Jeff Duda, only to have him bail on me after 1/4 mile.  Circled back and picked up Seth, Mike B, and FiveK, but when I looked back, the latter two had long bailed on me as well.  Why is everyone bailing on warm-ups / cool-downs with me?  Something I said?  A BO issue?  Came back, and caught up with Matthew, who wasn't happy with his time in the 5K, but still managed to win his age group, and then pigged out multiple times on the awesome spread.  Great day overall!
On the podium for my age group, moments before
Mike B joined me on the podium for a man-hug Chris Garvin style.
(Photo by Mike B)


  1. Awesome race! Any notions I had yesterday of trying to hang with the Gazelle were quickly squashed. Well done!

  2. I didn’t want to tell you this Jeff – it’s the short shorts – that’s why no one going with you on the on the warm-up /cool downs :-)
    Nice race yesterday

  3. Nice race, Jeff! Way to grab a PR and a top step on the podium.

  4. Excellent job! I had you coming in 1:20:XX. Way to let me down. You must be getting old. Just kidding....great job. Continuing to amaze the masses!

  5. I'm impressed with the PR considering the time trial feel to the race for you. That is not easy! Those shorts are looking a little long....

  6. Great race, and congrats on the PR! You looked solid out there, and quite comfortable at the top of the podium :)

  7. Glad you FINALLY put some clothes on!!! Great job out there!!! Congratulations on first in your current age group. Mike B can't wait till you are out of it, giving him a chance at the top of the podium? Matthew didn't look happy at the end of the 5K, glad he won age group, hopefully that and food was some consolation.