Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekly Log 17-Mar to 23-Mar-2014

Time for a change of seasons this week, even if the weather doesn't feel it.  Spring ushers in a new blog header, with the usual quiz to identify the spring races above.  This one is pretty easy, isn't it?

Monday:  0
Rest day.

Tuesday:  10
The good news is there is still PLENTY of
snow on the trails, and will still be
there during Saturday's race.  The bad news
is it's in the WRONG place, as this is NH and
I need it at Brrr-lingame to slow a few

Continuing my run in Mine Falls Park,
Nashua, even the open sunny areas
are snow-laden.

The sole other runner I saw called me
"Mike".  I've been called some nasty things
 over time, but this one takes the cake.

Now for the next quiz:
How many more runs do you think I can get out of my NB trail shoes?

Nearing the end of the run, took a break to lie down in the snow
and cool off.  What a fun and challenging run!

OK, on to one of my other favorite places in
the Granite State.  Who says I don't like to
go shopping?!  No, even at NH prices,
I won't be buying my namesake in blue label.

Well, doesn't this sound foreboding?!  They
need to work on their marketing.
Meanwhile, I bought my usual brand

Wednesday:  14
Morning:  6. Final course recon on Brrr-lingame trails.  Can't tell exactly where the final mile or so is, but I think I get most of it.
Afternoon:  8+.  Workout Wednesday with FiveK.  4x1-minute hills, followed by 4x400 at Hell Field(81, 81, 81, 79).

Thursday:  0
Had intentions of running 5-8, but woke up in the middle of the night with very sore legs.  Guessing it's from two relatively hard days (10 mile snow run, followed up by a double with a workout).  Opted to take a zero instead, as I want the legs to be relatively fresh for Saturday.

Friday:  3
Happy New Shoes day!
Time for newest version of NB890 (V4).
A full ounce lighter than the V3.

Replaced the trail shoes, long overdue.
Was disappointed with the way the uppers on the previous 610s fell apart
after about 300 miles.  Gave it another try, as hopefully running in
so much snow and constantly drenching these shoes all winter contributed to
an early demise.
Took these on a short trail shakeout in Woody Hill this afternoon.  Whole body
felt achy; hopefully a good night sleep will resolve.

Saturday:  14
Brrr-lingame 10 Mile Race.  I am beat!  Write up to follow shortly.

Sunday:  6
Recovery run with Tom.  Local Misquamicut roads.

Weekly mileage totals:
Run:  47


  1. Like the new theme.

    - Don't know what those other two races are. What the heck are you doing jumping over the flag line?!
    - Hopefully you punched that foul mouthed runner right in the face for calling you the M-word.
    - I don't know about the shoes, but that corpse in the picture below them looks pretty clapped out. I'd get the newer version if I were you.
    - You would have no trouble with said front-runners if you were swilling a bottle of Death's Door at the start line. You'd surely be given PLENTY of space to run your own race.

    Happy Spring, see ya Saturday!

  2. - Big River, Back Road Ramble, and the NSEF 5K in my 'hood?
    - Depends on which Mike he thought you were...
    - No more snow pictures!
    - I think you've covered enough ground in those NBs...
    - Death's Door, hmmm...glad I don't drink gin, or I'd be tempted to snag a bottle of that!

    Shipping off to Boston for a show at the Wilbur tonight, see you cats Saturday!

  3. Middle picture - now I see how you got off course at Big River!

  4. The lie down in the snow pic or as i would like to say - Gazelle on ice / nice :)
    i'll drink to some of that with JW blue :)
    The Death's Door stuff - is that what you start to drink AFTER you turn 50 :)
    all comments above are just jokes

  5. I think that middle picture needs to be the club's official photo. I think we could come up with a good slogan to accompany it, too. Anyone want to take a stab?

  6. - The flags aren't meant to be jumped over? :) I think it was during a cool-down and I was trying to get off the course for an oncoming runner.
    - Chris, I'll go with "WTAC: Breaking New Running Barriers" or "WTAC: Soaring to New Heights"
    - Not sure my pic is worthy of any official photo, but it was offbeat, unplanned, and I liked it. Let's see if I can still bound like that at conclusion of Saturday's race. My feeling is I'll be more resembling "Death's Door"!
    - Kudos to Crutch for nailing all 3 photo venues. Of course, it's easier for someone to identify races when they run 87 races per year! (it's close to that, isn't it, Crutch?)

  7. Gin....from the Dutch to the English. From bathtub to boardroom. I love it.

  8. WTAC: Crappin in the Woods since 1975