Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weekly Log 24-Mar to 30-Mar-2014

Monday:  0
Not a good start to the week fighting illness and injury.  Spent most of the night awake on repeated trips to the throne with a bad case of stomach virus.  In the morning, decided to take a very rare sick day and go to the doctor's instead. 
And here's my bonehead move:  In my stupor on my way out of the house to the doctor's, I slipped and fell down a flight of stairs and landed hard on my back on the final stair. 

Tuesday:  0
Well medicated, back to work I go.  Walking and sitting are awkward with the bruised lower back.

Wednesday:  3
Starting to go stir-crazy, in late afternoon I went to Woody Hill for a short jaunt.  Rather painful, actually, but I needed to get outside.

Thursday:  0
This week I've been spending my nights with my "Triple I" friends:  Imodium, Ibuprofen, and Indians.  It was so nice of my friends from Bangalore to call me at today at 1:30am.  They must have really missed me since they last called me, which would be at 3am the previous day.  Sleep is overrated, right?

Friday:  4
Lounged around the house all day, and by late afternoon went out to Barn Island for a run on the single-track in the rain.  Tried to keep it on the flat trails, as the downhills jar my back.  I've been really looking forward all week to a planned fast group run on the Big River course Saturday morning, but as I lay in the wet muddy leaves after a fall where I was running a blistering 10-minute pace, I thought that I've got to be honest with myself:  I am in no shape to run a trail half-marathon at any pace, never mind brisk. 
Oh well, you take what you can get.  Chin up, give it some time, and make the best of it.

Saturday:  5
Long and Ell Pond trails in Hopkinton with Crutch, his friend Jim, and Beth.  Passed on the Big River course recon this morning as I'm still struggling a bit and didn't have it in me.  Crutch had the perfect solution for me, as I slept in and got a good night's sleep for the first time in a week, I ran a more genteel pace, and most importantly, caught up with running friends that I hadn't run with in a long time.  Crutch was just bounding along and moving well.  Beth amazed me with the number of recoveries from near-falls that she had.  On the section of trail closest to North Road, in some of the valleys you descend into, there was still plenty of snow and ice in there (Mike B would have loved it - he's probably heading out there now to savor the last traces of winter).  The first few miles were a delight and I was chatting it up, learning about Beth's upcoming 50K and other topics, but honestly the last mile or so I was just completely out of energy and looking forward to finishing.  Felt bad to break the news to bounding Crutch, who was thinking of a lot of neat run extensions.  I'll be back again, Crutch, but for today, 5 miles is the longest I've run all week, it was some tough terrain out there for sure, and I'm afraid I'm toast for today.

Sunday:  0
Slept 'til 9.  N-I-N-E.  Then between the deluge of rain and just general low energy with the lingering virus, had zero motivation to get out there.

Weekly mileage total:
Run:  12  (double-digits, wahoo!)

Week recap:  12 miles, that's all she wrote.  Clearly my worst running week of the year, if not in the past few years.  Not going to dwell on in it.  Statistically, the odds are that this virus will end next week, and it can only get better from here.  Happy running, folks!


  1. Brutal way to start the week. Here's hoping for an uneventful next few days. Feel better!

  2. Gazelles don't have time for that nonsense! Feel better, Jeff!

  3. Oh Gazelle I am so sorry. What an absolute shitty way to start the week. Hope Thursday and forward is better!!

  4. That's rough. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  5. Genteel pace! HA! It was nice to run with you, but I see you didn't own up to the genteel pace on Strava? All in all a good time and nice to talk and run, something I'm honestly not accustomed to. Recovering before falling, very accustomed to! I think Crutch could have run on those trails for hours!!

    1. Good running with you, as well. I'll "own up" on Strava - in time. I haven't gone on to Strava in a week. Nothing to do with my pace yesterday, but rather, I'm afraid I'll be depressed seeing an in-your-face streaming feed of everything amazing my running friends have been doing the past week while I've been plopped on the couch. I'll be back ...

  6. This is terrible, Gazelle however, you have the right attitude. And think of it as resting and not as "not running" and "losing fitness".

    Recover quickly. See you on the trails soon!

  7. It was a great day for a trail run yesterday, thanks again for coming out! It was great getting caught up, and we'll get back out there for some more runs soon enough! Glad you guys had a good time, and nobody took a digger. See you on Thursday!