Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weekly Log 31-Mar to 6-Apr-2014

A new week befalls us; illness and injury be gone.  Big River is nigh, and thus I have a race to run.

Monday:  4
Afternoon run on the roads.  Was really breathing hard.  Felt like I was running low 6s pace.  Nope, 7:40s!  Apparently, I won't be setting any land speed records on Saturday, but it's just good to be back running regularly.

Tuesday:  5
Got canoe?

I'm thinking of organizing a wet trail race on this yellow blazed trail.  Are you guys in?
 (Riverwood Preserve, aptly named today)
With downtime for illness, just finished reading this book (borrowed from FiveK).
While at times he comes off as pompous, he's done some pretty impressive stuff.
I'd have zero interest in Badwater or South Pole Marathon, but it's a really good
read on the Western States Endurance Run and his trials and tribulations there.
Wednesday:  5
Ran the Clamdigger 5-Mile course with the Mikes.  With the start and end painted marks on the road long gone after Sandy and re-paving, needed to set these markers, as well as determine 5K course.  1.5 weeks to go!

Thursday:  0
Finally signed up for Big River Half.  Seriously considering running this at an easier pace as I'm on the mend.  If I do decide to do that, from my lessons learned with Hendricken high school runners at Brrr-lingame, I'll make certain to sprint out ahead at the beginning until I get into the single-track, then slow down, block the trail, and loudly tell everyone that I'm not racing the event.

Friday:  4
Easy short run in Woody Hill.

Saturday:  14
Big River.  Write-up shortly.

Sunday:  3
Clamdigger 5K course measuring.

Weekly totals:  35

35 is still a low mileage week for me, but given I'm on the mend and it's the triple the volume of last week, I'll take it.  My next race is three weeks out now, and I'm hopefully that this fatigue and aches from the virus will be ancient history by then.  Will see if I can increase both the mileage and intensity over the next week.


  1. Glad you're back on your feet. Gazelle's belong in the woods.

    That's book's a good read. Yeah, Karnazes is kind of an ass but the portion on Western States is very interesting (and doesn't make it sound fun at all!)

  2. Good to see you back on the water (trails)! I was driving by there a couple days ago, wondering how much of it was underwater. Now I know!

  3. Sorry that you were injured, but glad to see you are back on your feet.

    I really liked the book! I love reading about ultrarunning, mostly because the amount of mental strength that it takes to get through these races, often in sub-optimal conditions is really impressive, so I try to think about pushing through and persevering when I am hurting on a run.