Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly Log 14-Apr to 20-Apr-2014: A [Hopefully] Short Hiatus from Running

The Spring of My Discontent:  I had a great winter running season, with record high mileage and great winter racing performances.  Spring thus far has been a let down for me with unforeseen issues.  I'm looking forward to getting past these health obstacles and returning to "normal".

Monday:  3
Very short run punctuated with mild discomfort.  Got home to answer a phone call from the doctor's office that I tested positive for Giardia, which is basically a nasty parasite wreaking havoc in my small intestine. Great - another issue!  I contracted this a few years back in Jamaica; no idea how I got it this time.
This is me trying to figure out which one to take.
I'm grateful to my PCP for ordering additional lab tests, but now for a guy who usually doesn't take any meds I'm on 3 drugs.  Which one did I already take?  Which one is daily; which one is 3x daily?  Uggh - only 7 days duration, hopefully I won't screw it up too badly.  I remember visiting my grandmother and seeing what seemed like a dozen prescription bottles, but she was in her 90s and I haven't hit 50 - I'm falling apart!

Tuesday: 7
Burlington, MA.  A really nice run with my cousin on a mix of local trails and roads.

On the ride home, the radio station I was listening to had a moment of silence at 2:49PM on the exact 1-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.  Reminded me of last year having such a great time and performance at Boston (a PR for me at the time of 2:56) only to be torn apart two hours later by a couple of selfish cowards.  Boston Strong!
These new racing flats (NB1400) came in today, and will be awaiting my return.
I've never had racing flats and while I feel like Imelda Marcos with my shoe
purchases lately, I couldn't pass up these $100 shoes at $52 on Amazon.
Mom is taking me to South County Hospital at 6:30AM, so Jana can make sure the boys get off to school.  Surgery at 8AM.

Pardon the lack of Strava and running updates for a bit, as we work to build a better gazelle ...

Hernia surgery completed 24 hours ago.  Yesterday was mostly a drug-induced blur, but surgeon said it went fine without complications.  Quite a bit of soreness and discomfort today, but I guess that's to be expected when someone cuts your stomach open.  As Chris forewarned me, it's difficult to get in and out of bed, and movement in general feels like it's pulling at the wound, but you have to start somewhere ...

Track:  Highlight of my day was going to watch Matthew's 1st middle school track meet of the season at Barrington, where he won and PR'd in both of his individual events:  3,000 (10:29) and 800 (2:29).  I'd recline in the car until Jana phoned me, then amble to the track.  Matthew was disappointed in his 800 despite the overall win and PR (sounds like Muddy), as he said he went out too fast (68 1st lap, 81 2nd).  In the 3K, after two laps there was just nobody near him, and it got confusing after a while when he lapped so many runners.  I calculated his average pace for the 3K at a 5:38, so I know my days of beating him are numbered! :)

Much progress today:  cut my meds down from 5 to 2 (Oxycodone is nasty stuff; don't know how people get addicted), was able to shower by myself (TMI?), and drove a few miles on my first day cleared to drive.  The driving wasn't pretty, as I'm like molasses getting into and out of the car and every turn of the body pulls at the wound, but it's progress.

Running plans:  My hospital discharge instructions include absolutely no exercise for 2 weeks minimum, then start back slow and easy.  If I'm able to race at all in May, I'll consider it a bonus, so I started looking at June races that don't conflict and entered a few into the "2014 Events" tab.  I got an e-mail from the new Arcadia YMCA Director asking me to join the race committee for the Backroad Ramble, so I think I'll take him up on that also.

My first walk!  A welcome break from the monotony of the couch.  Walked 1/2 mile around Wilcox Park with Jana, and had to keep asking her to slow down.  Apparently she doesn't like to walk at a 30 minute pace?

Headed to the beach for a flat easy 1-mile walk.  Quickly ran into Mike B, who was biking my way!  What a welcome surprise.  Will look forward to getting together with him and others for rides.

Weekly recap:
Run:  10 miles, more than I expected
Walk:  1.5 miles, again more than I expected

I'll leave you with two quips that I liked, both as I was being prepped for surgery this week:
From the anesthesiologist:  "Are you a runner?" (as my heart was beating at 50, and normal for adults is 60-100)
From the OR nurse:  "Why do you have so many cuts and scratches on your legs?" (perhaps only Beth would appreciate that remark)


  1. I wish you a speedy recovery. Take care!

  2. Heal up quick, Jeff! You'll be back to crushing Mike B.'s hopes and dreams in our age group soon enough!!!

  3. Good luck and wishing you a speedy return to full health! I can't believe you've never had flats before. You're going to love them and you'll run faster!

  4. Hope your surgery went well this a.m.enjoy the pain killers! Hope you get all your meds straightened out too. Look forward to witnessing the Million Dollar Gazelle getting all he can out of the last months of the 40's age group!!

    1. Speedy recovery and yes I do appreciate the scratches on the legs comment!! I was careful to not get scratched (just a little banged up) on my last trail run just to keep the 'competition' even! Plus tights past Oester is verboten so yeah, there is that. Glad you are up and about, maybe this weekend Mike B will FINALLY place in his age group without your competition? Heal well!

  5. Glad everything went well with the surgery, Jeff. You're through the toughest stretch already and will be itching to get back out there in no time.

    P.S. Yes, TMI.

  6. I'm sure you'll be back up and healthier than ever soon! Keep your head up. Miss training with you.