Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weekly Log 7-Apr to 13-Apr-2014

Trail race season is over.  So why am I still running on trails seemingly everyday?  Peaceful. Cathartic. Escape from a crazy world.  No traffic.  Variety.  Challenge.  Exploration.  My trail running friends can probably throw in a bunch more reasons.

Monday:  0
Rest day after Big River.

Tuesday:  7
Winchester Fells trails, Winchester, MA.  Had to be at a workshop in Burlington, MA at 10AM.  What to do with my time before then?  Reached out to my cousin who lives in Burlington and has run Li'l Rhody a few times, and asked for trail ideas.  His work schedule is flexible and he's said he plan something out and accompany me.  Cool!  There are a series of trails winding around reservoirs, and varying from flat fields to pine forest to gnarly root climbs.  Started in a sprinkling rain and finished in a downpour.  Fun!

Back at my cousin's house, grabbed my bag to change clothes, and wait a minute ... where are my pants and shirt that I took out last night?  Still hanging in my closet back in RI.  What a dolt!  What time does the Burlington Mall open?  10AM - that won't work.  Can't go to the workshop in soaked and muddy shorts and running shirt.  Fortunately, my cousin is only a size or so larger and taller than me, so borrowed clothes from him saved the day.

Wednesday:  5
Morning:  fun romping in Woody Hill northern section.
Apparently I have a stalker (in cyberspace and running)!
My run (on left); someone else's (right) hours later.
What is also very interesting is that my particular stalker appears to have stopped at a "Private Property -
No Trespassing" sign, while I explored a little more.  Seems a role reversal there?

Focal area of my run:  trying to find or lay the foundation for a trail to cut-through from Bradford Preserve to
Woody Hill Management Area.  Success!

Afternoon:  not so much fun.  Went back to the doctor to see why I still have pain in my stomach 2+ weeks after the virus started.  Potential diagnosis:  hernia.  Further evaluation on Friday, plus awaiting lab results to rule out other things.  Why can't I catch a break lately?!!

Thursday:  10
WTAC Trail Series celebratory run.  Ran from the Y with Mike G, Muddy, and FiveK.  Mostly uphill climb up Canal, Potter Hill, and Laurel to the Westerly Town Forest, and then the fun really started!  We jumped into the trails, descending 200' down to the Pawcatuck at a pretty good clip.  Climbed back up from the Pawcatuck.  I knew once we got to the crest it was going to be muddy, but honestly had no idea of severity.  The orange trail out to the power lines was a primordial soup of pond-size puddles, muck, and who knows what growing or living in there.  At first we pussy-footed around trying to skirt the muck, but as at Big River quickly switched to running right through the water and mud full speed.  After another rapid descent and then tiring ascent, we took a quick water stop and back at it!  Fast descent on rocky powerline trail to Boombridge, where we forded a final stream that was about knee deep!
On the roads for 2 miles back to Y and a change to dry socks, Mike and Tom set a blistering pace that I couldn't hold.  Muddy and I ran in the back at a much slower but certainly not pedestrian 6:10 pace. 
A fun brewery tour at GreySail followed by dinner at PizzaPlace.  Only downside for me was by the time pizza was served about 8:30pm, I was feeling quite light-headed after running hard with nothing to eat since Noon.  After Pizza Place, the alcoholics night-owls headed out for some more at Malted Barley, while I called it quits and thanked Mike for putting together a fun evening.

Friday:  0
Rest after a rather intense run Thursday.

Biked 19 miles.  My first time on the bike since September.  Caught up with Tom and Shara before they headed to Florida for a week, and Mike B joined us with his new wheels.  Went back in the afternoon for 3 more on a final calibration of new Clamdigger 5K course.

Biked 10 miles as part of Clamdigger RD duties.  On my bike, I not only got to personally thank all the volunteers and minor tweaks to signs and volunteer placement, but I had a great vantage point to see Mike G win the event, and a number of WTAC'ers PR, including Crutch, Muddy, and Matthew.

In my opinion, race overall was quite a success.  There are always some minor hitches (this time including overall winner awards not printed, issues in heating chowder, some people missed the 5K turnoff despite a sign and police marshal, and police had an issue with a few walkers taking up the middle of Atlantic Ave well after race thinned out).  However, overall, the pros far outweighed the cons, including the first time ever we offered both a 5K and 5-Mile, record participation at 220+, and fortunately great weather with very light winds.  Thanks to all the volunteers, including many WTAC board members both running and volunteering.

Week recap:
Ran 22 miles
Biked 29 miles

Not pretty, but with my various ailments of late, I don't see myself back to 50+ mile weeks in the immediate future.  Was really happy to get back out on the bike.  Obvious running highlights were the Thursday night WTAC celebratory run, and directing the Clamdigger.


  1. where are my pants and shirt - LOL rolling
    hernia - sorry to hear

  2. Wow depressing stuff. First, you said, "trail season is over". We still have snow and ice in the shady spots and shoe sucking mud in the sunny spots. Trail season has even started up here in NH! Then, you said you're still having pain. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Low mileage for me as well this week, but it was chock-full of memorable moments, for sure! Heal up!!! And trail race season? It's just getting started...