Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekly Log 11-Aug to 17-Aug-2014

5 miles.  Chariho Fun Run.  Final fun run of season.  Small crowd.  Ran the 1-mile course in 5:13.  Followed that up with a more casual pace together with Matthew on the 3-mile course.

5 miles.  Final Stonington Fun Run.

8 miles.  After a storm earlier in the day, ran 4+ miles to scout the Fun Run course for flooding.  Game on!  Came back in the evening for the final 5K on this course for the year.  Ran a hard pace of 5:37, 5:53, 5:42 per mile, respectively.  Jonny E trailed just on my tail the whole time (in fact, a tad annoying for me, but glad for him that I helped pull him to his fastest Fun Run), and then sprinted past me on the final turn.  Not a race; didn't chase him, probably couldn't have re-caught him anyway.

6 miles.  10K evening run with Matthew.

9 mile solo run through Watch Hill.
5 miles on our final Groton Fun Run.  (Next Friday evening I'm working the Salt Pond Challenge for the Town.)

17 mile group run with B, FiveK, and Garcia.  My goal between now and Hartford taper is to run 20-mile runs on alternating weekends and 15-17 on the "off" weekend.  Reality will probably be different due to races and life in general, but hopefully I don't deviate too much.  Secondary goal is to add increasing segments of MP into each, because if I don't train at target MP, it will be tough to run MP come marathon day.

I had a goal of running about 6:30 pace for miles 7-10 of Surftown course.  FiveK took the bait and we ran the first two at 6:20 and 6:15.  It was clear in the 3rd mile that he wasn't going to let me run at 6:30, and since we only had one more fast mile left, we ran it in 6:02.  Regrouped in Watch Hill for a nice beach run back.

50 miles.  Demanding CT hill ride with Chris and FiveK.  Mike B was with us for the first 10 miles or so, before he decided he'd leave the hill "fun" to the three of us.  Cossaduck Hill was the most brutal climb of the day, with the first part having an average incline of 9%.  As usual, Chris finished the ascent way ahead of us and was pulled over on the side of the road just finishing up a picnic lunch by the time FiveK and I finally made it.  Followed 201 through beautiful CT countryside up as far as Voluntown, then 49 back with a quick stop to visit with Crutch, before return to Westerly.  Cruised into Junque 'n Java on fumes for a refueling stop; this makes me re-assess my fueling plans for the Rhode Warrior next weekend.
Along Route 201 in Griswold, CT
(l-r:  Chris, Tom)

Chris and I had vastly different Strava reported elevations.  Really good article on some of the reason for the elevation differences here.

10 miles.  Finished out the day with a 10-miler with Matthew.  He really wanted to get in a 10-mile run in prep for his upcoming Surftown.  In the first couple of miles, my legs complained to me so much that I really wasn't sure if I could finish 10 miles, but I plodded on.  As with Saturday, having company helped the miles pass.

Weekly Tally:
50 miles
0 miles

Final race free week before the Rhode Warrior.  Got in a nice mix of serious long efforts, plus mixed in with end-of-summer Fun Runs.  Definitely feel did not train enough for Rhode Warrior, especially on bike and swim, but let's hope my current level of fitness carries me through the day.

The Blessing folks wrote back to my constructive criticism e-mail
(wish all RDs would) to advise they won't repeat this year's orange decal
and next year will be looking at some sort of "heat press" process
that supposedly doesn't cause the friction/abrasion.

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