Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weekly Log 18-Aug to 24-Aug-2014

Monday: 0
Rest day after another monster weekend.

5 miles.  Morning easy run.
Battle of Stonington.  8 miles, including warm-up and cool-down.  Legs still too tired to run well.  Came through Mile in 5:40 huffing and puffing, knowing I couldn't hold the pace.  Backed way off.  Not my day today.  Finished in 18:28, still good for 1st in age group and a bottle of wine.  Stayed late on the docks socializing; depressing that the series is over.

Westerly Fun Run.  Final week of the season with a 1-mile version only.  5:21, just one second ahead of Matthew, who already beat me earlier in the season at Bottone Mile.  The 39th season comes to an end.

Thursday: 0
Another rest day before the weekend half iron.

0.5 mile open ocean swim with Steve.
2 mile easy beach jog with Steve.

5 mile shake-out with Tom.  The calm before the storm.

1.2 mile swim (Rhode Warrior Half Iron:  write-up to follow very shortly)
56 miles
13 miles

Weekly Tally:
56 miles
2 miles

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