Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekly Log 28-Jul to 3-Aug-2014

Getting a little behind on my blogging here, although at least I'm still keeping it up, unlike some of my running friends, and one in particular!  As we cruise into August, I'm at 1,312 miles on the year, for a pro-rated 150 miles ahead of schedule on my 2K mile goal for 2014.

Monday:  0

5 miles.  Stonington Fun Run.

12 miles.  Ride with Matthew along the coast.
3 miles.  Westerly Fun Run.  Ran this hard.  Really happy to achieve a 5:34 average pace here.

Thursday:  0
Long day in Boston until late at night (always easy to find excuses, isn't it?)

12 miles.  Easy solo brick.
2 miles.

1/4 mile.  Block Island Tri.  Write-up to follow shortly.
13 miles.
5 miles.

15 miles.  Group training run w/FiveK & B.  Just when I thought B would never run with us again after we dragged him to yesterday's BI Soakfest, my hometown boys came back for some more punishment.

Typically I run Run 4 Kerri, as I have the past few years.  It's a big local race with a great cause of scholarships in memory of a SK runner who tragically died in her teens.  Some of my WTAC brethren (Chris, Crutch, etc) were running this, and Kerri's father rides on my train most days as an Amtrak police officer.  This year I wanted to take a break from all the races, and my long run department is sorely deficient.
Had to dump this shirt on side of the road early in the run.  Was hoping to wear it
with pride, but the orange semi-circle decal was just abrasive in the upper chest /
nipple area.  Will relegate this to the non-running shirt pile.

Tommy Trails (isn't that what he's known for?!) took us down some dirt roads and trails in Haversham that I had never put foot on.  Deep, dark woods with a few houses and summer camps dotted along the pond, punctuated by log cabins, big tracts of land, and odd wooden troughs criss-crossing the road to allow run-off.  Interesting place.  FiveK had this notion that he was going to add on his Haversham section early, and then bail on us in the 10-12 range, but we wouldn't hear of it.  (Just like he got us into the Hartford Marathon, and now is having second thoughts himself!)  Wound through Weekapaug, Misquamicut, and up towards Avondale before finishing out on hills on No Bottom Pond neighborhood.  Despite insisting he wasn't up for 15, FiveK was out in front and strong while us old guys (I know, Mike B is saying "speak for yourself") were dragging up the rear.

Weekly Tally:
30 miles
37 miles
0.3 miles

Another low run mileage week nowhere near my targets.  Glad to have the next couple of weeks race free to get back at it.  In the meantime, you have to have fun, too, and it's been a blast these past couple of race weekends.


  1. I haven't worn my Blessing shirt yet but was concerned about the possibility of chafing. Thanks for testing it out for me! Looking forward to the triathlon write-up.

  2. As I told Mike B, sports bra is the way to go for chafing... unfortunately (or fortunately) none of you have the moobs to justify the cost...

    Your in for Hartford too??? Nice! Congratulations!