Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weekly Log 10-Nov to 16-Nov-2014

Li'l Rhody week!  Wasn't it just yesterday that it was summer?

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  8
Happy to have the day off for Veterans' Day, a new experience for me.  Banks have generous holiday schedules.  Spent the morning volunteering for the Westerly Land Trust.  The Land Trust president's husband, upon seeing me, immediately informed the rest of the group that my son beat me in their 5k race.  I sarcastically thanked him for pointing that out!  My work assignment today was to help clear trails in Mastuxet and Dr. Lewis Pond properties.

In the afternoon, I did a dry run on Li'l Rhody race.  I ran very hard, but not all out, and was happy to come in at 53 minutes.  It bodes well for Sunday.

Wednesday:  6
Another Wednesday working in Wellesley; another opportunity to scout out a new running route.   This time I had researched and picked the Blue Heron Trail and parked at one of the trailheads.  Armed with a printed trail map, off I went.

Start of the Blue Heron Trail
Should be as easy as following
Blue Heron symbols, but
somehow I still got off the trail 

Ran on a boardwalk through a marsh, and then through a railroad tunnel over to single-track trails.  At some point, I lost my trail map.  My planned loop was now out the window, and I just followed the trail for a while.  I came to a second railroad tunnel, which looked identical to the first one.  Dag-nab-it (that's what old people say - just ask Mike B), I've been running in circles.  If there's a silver lining, I found the trail map I dropped, but I've lost too much time to try running the loop now.  Good excuse to come back again!
This boardwalk made for
some fast running

I think this one would be good
for breaking toes and ankles

Some fun in the mud before a Galoob-style bridge

Thursday:  0

Friday:  5
Evening sunset beach run.  C-H-I-L-L-Y.
Found another "Matthew Walker just stole your CR!" in my inbox.  Actually, as you can see,
it's a regular feature in my inbox these days.  Stole his Timothy Drive 1/2 mile segment a few weeks
back with a 5:12 pace.  I thought I done good with a 5:12 pace, until he stole it back with a 4:59.

Saturday:  8

Sunday:  8
Li'l Rhody.  Write-up to follow.

Weekly mileage:  35

So much for my plans to up my mileage.  Time to take a break from races for a while and get back to fun weekend long runs. 

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