Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekly Log 3-Nov to 9-Nov-14

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  6
Moonlight hills run before work.  Enjoying having the extra hour of light now in the morning, but that too will be gone by next month as sunrise creeps later.

Wednesday:  9
Wednesdays have become Wellesley Wednesdays for me.  Some of my Westerly co-workers seem to feel badly that I "have" to go to our Wellesley office, but seriously, once a week to Wellesley is not an issue and I like the people up there and the work.  You'd think they were asking me to go back to India or something.  I have my routine:  leave early, beat the traffic, go to the nearby Y with reciprocal privileges, run my newest exploring route that I have planned out, shower, change, and off to work.  I kind of like the change of pace.

This week's run was unusual for me:  a track workout at Mike Fazio field.  They have a beautiful athletic complex there, including an 8-lane track.  Not the speeds I was looking for, but a decent effort for an aging gazelle:
1 x mile:  5:36
2 x 800:  2:47, 2:49
2 x 400:  79, 80
4 x 200:  39, 37, 37, 36

Thursday:  6
A few of my coworkers gave me an odd look as I walked out the building at Noon wearing shorts and a bright orange short-sleeve shirt into the pouring rain.  Drove up to Wahaneeta, and ran through Woody out to the Town's new "Lucey Property" trails.  Poured.  Soaked.  Splattered with mud.  Laughed and had fun.

Friday:  5
Today had to go to training all the way up to Cranston.  HR apologized for the "last minute" change in venue from Westerly to Cranston and "only" giving me a 4-day advance notice.  Fortunately, 4 days notice was just enough time for me to book an overnight hotel in Coventry to break up the excruciatingly long journey.

It turns out the Cranston Y is just down the street from the Cranston bank branch.  Cool.  What can we plan today?  First ran up to my father's grave, as well as my grandparents' (my father grew up in Cranston, before moving to Charlestown as a teenager).  The visit was cathartic and I somehow enjoy going to the cemetery. From there I ran through the cemetery and visited two sets of great-grandparents and two sets of great-great-grandparents.  Ran back via the Washington Secondary Bike Path route.

Saturday:  6
One of the chillier days of fall thus far, with highs only reaching into the 40s.  Still, the sun was out and felt quite good running on the beach at low tide.

Sunday:  7
Avondale 5K.  Write-up shortly.

Weekly totals:  39

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  1. Nice way to spend Friday. I have hours of driving and 5 states to cover to see that many graves. I enjoy the times I go and sit and visit with my people. You seriously didn't book a hotel in Cranston?