Friday, October 31, 2014

Weekly Log 27-Oct to 2-Nov-2014

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  5
Beautiful run on the beach at lunchtime. An added bonus was taking a Weekapaug CR from an out-of-stater that stole it from Tommy.  Let's see how long that lasts.

Wednesday:  8
High Rock Town Forest,
Needham, MA
Trails are well marked

The view from (presumably) High Rock

Thursday:  5
Champlin trails at lunchtime. 

Friday:  0
Halloween fun.
A few neighbors stopped over for
the driveway fire and drinks.

I still love to carve
A 50-year old kid at heart.

Saturday:  7
Barn Island trails with Mike B.  Couldn't get any other takers to join the "old guys".  Tough following the trail in a few places in the dim early dawn light.  Plenty of hunters out there, but we wore orange, kept the talking going the whole time, and had no issues.

Sunday:  7
39 degrees, howling wind, and rain in the morning.  Quite cold for the first mile or so.  Still shorts weather for sure, but first time I wore a second layer over my shirt.  No short shorts and singlet today! No one else on the beach today in the windy rain and pelting sand; can't understand why.

Weekly run mileage:  32

Rest / recovery from Hartford is over.  Time to start stepping that back up.

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  1. Beautiful pumpkin creations. Further proof youth is wasted on the young! Here's hoping to good packing snow to make plenty of snow men! (well and that the snow stays off the trails - hey a girl can wish, can't she?)