Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekly Log 20-Oct to 26-Oct-2014: Charlestown Police 5K

Monday:  5
Took advantage of the proximity of my new place of employment:  quick dash home at lunchtime, change, and run out to the beach and back.  Fun!

Tuesday:  5
Rockridge loop.

Wednesday:  6
Breezy hospital loop with a side order of 2 CRs taken back from RI Freshman champ.

Thursday:  5
Took a cue from FiveK and went to Hell Field on my lunch break.  3 x 800 was all I could fit in:  2:43, 2:45, 2:48.  Hopefully FiveK will be returning to his stomping grounds soon.

Friday:  0

Saturday:  7
An awesome morning with crisp fall dry weather.  The weather was dry, but my feet were not, as I tried and failed to outrun a wave in Misquamicut - all good fun.

Sunday:  6
10th annual running of the Charlestown Police 5K.  I like this race.  It has a small-town feel, it's almost exclusively on quiet park roads, pancake flat, has good food afterwards, and RD Sgt Phil Gingerella does a really nice job.  In past years, we've had a good sized WTAC crew, but this year was just Mike B and I for regulars, plus newer members Roy, Rose, and John Ficarra.

17:40, 2nd place overall of 71.  Full results here.
No t-shirts this year;
instead everyone got a nice pint glass

In discussion with Matthew before-hand (side-note he qualified for RI State Meet next weekend, so no races for him until after that), I set 3 goals: 
A)  PR (better than 17:33)
B) sub-18 (hadn't done this in past 11 months)
C)  beat anyone who sprints out ahead of the Colonel

Mile 1:  Running the course with Mike before
hand chipped away at my confidence with the gusting wind.  Lined up on the front line between a bare-breasted guy with fake coconut boobs ("Coconut Guy") on my left and the Colonel on my right.  Sure enough, Coconut Guy sprinted out in front.  The Colonel kept glancing to his left, as if "Is this guy for real?".  Even at the first intersection, Coconut Guy was still in front, but by 1/4 mile he petered out and the Colonel took the helm.  When the dust settled, I was in 4th place.  Mile 1 split: 5:41 - it looks like a PR is out.

Mile 2: Passed one guy just at the start of the 2nd mile, leaving the Colonel way ahead of me and a 20-year old kid just in front of me.  Passed the kid about mid-mile, but he was persistent and hung with me through the rest of the mile.  Mile 2 split:  5:52.

Mile 3:  As soon as we turned onto the bike course, we went into a strong headwind.  After a long stretch to the turnaround, I now had the wind with me for most of the remainder.  I couldn't hear the kid's footsteps anymore, but I didn't want to leave it to chance.  Pushed it to the finish.  Mile 3 split 5:43, beat the kid by 20 seconds.

The Colonel was unusually chatty post-race.  Talked about this race and how the wind thwarted him from a CR repeat, Hartford Marathon, and his next marathon in Tallahassee this winter.  Mike and I cooled down before getting a meal of salad, orzo, and chicken.  Not bad!  Fun race and a fun day.  RD indicated he may not direct the race next year, but hopes someone else in the CPD will pick it up.


  1. B and C goals met? I lost track of the coconut boob guy... Well done Jeff!

    1. Yes, B & C! Coconut Boob guy (wish Jana was there w/camera) dropped back another 30 places after he petered out, finished about 10 minutes behind me, and promptly crashed on the grass at finish line.