Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekly Log 13-Oct to 19-Oct-2014: Recovery Week

Short and easy blog posting for one of my lightest run weeks all year.  Sometimes I've bounced back completely in 2-3 days post marathon; this year's Hartford Marathon was not one of those times.

Meanwhile, to add insult to injury, my mailbox is getting clogged up with e-mails from Strava stating "Uh-Oh!  Matthew Walker has stolen your CR!!".

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  3
Blistering 9+ minute pace.  First run post Hartford; the legs are heavy.

Wednesday:  0
Needed a couple more days off.

Thursday:  0

Friday:  5
OK, let's try this again.  Working up in Wellesley, MA on a new project.  Wasn't sure of traffic and ended up getting up there an hour early.  Found a local Y and went for a run.  Still slow, about 8:15/mile.  Kind of fun exploring a new area.  There are trails in the general area as well, and will have to come back for those another time.

Saturday:  9
Met up with Jonny and Mike B at Burlingame Picnic Area for a 6:30am run.  Despite Jonny's need to get back home for a jaunt to Maine, he agreed to keep the pace slow for me recovering from Hartford.  Was especially interested in seeing the changes made to the VG trail in the section between the campground and Klondike Road.  Wasn't happy to see the bridges extended up and into the covered bridge; the parts where sand was added to fill in some rock garden portions didn't see as bad as I had envisioned.  Jonny also showed us a new RI NEMBA bike path with of course lots of twists and turns and some neat rock formations that the path crosses.  With about a couple miles to go, the legs started feeling really heavy again.  I know, what a whiner!

Sunday:  0
Served as RD for likely the last running of the Run for the Pumpkins on its present course.  Looking into a lot of good suggestions received from fellow runners.

Weekly run total:  17 miles.  Yeah, that's all she wrote.  Mileage has to go up from here.

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