Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekly Log 17-Nov to 23-Nov-2014

Monday:  8
Annual post-Rhody Monday morning sunrise course sweep.  Mandy and Tammy had done the best sweeping job I've ever seen, as there were only 3 gel wraps and a single flag left behind.  The weather was raining and cold with much of the course flooded.  That's OK; at least it was dry for all the runners racing yesterday.

Tuesday: 5
Weekapaug Sand Trail run at Noon.  Don't know what I was thinking.  Run down to Quonnie Breachway on the beach with strong wind at my back was great, but I knew what I was coming back into:  20mph headwinds, freezing temperatures, and sand blowing onto my legs and face.

Wednesday:  9
Return to Blue Heron Trail (Dedham, MA) to try to navigate the full loop again. Success!  That did require bringing my paper map and actually hanging onto it this time, as well as ignoring a well-wisher offering me directions and going with my own instincts.  24 degrees.  The only other runner that I saw was bundled up much more than me, and yelled something to me about my shorts.  I'm sure it was complimentary, right?
First section was rough with
ice and frozen puddles;
fortunately most of trail was dry

Whatever this yellow thing is that's coming up over the
horizon, I hope it warms me up

Am I lost?
No, it turned out just to be a couple
of blocks inside city limits, before
back onto single-track in Dedham

Stopped at DD on way home to use bathroom.
On second thought, I think I'm all set with ordering food today.

Thursday:  5
After 5 consecutive days of running trails (the sand trail counts, doesn't it?), mixed it up.  Lunchtime beach run.  Windy and cold again.

Friday:  0
Intentional rest day.
Is this really is a good thing?  Got to be better than Christine Parker.
I can't make this stuff up.  Am I a magnet?

Saturday:  17
Start at Beach Pond on Route 165 at RI/CT line.  Mike G, Bob Jackman, Muddy, Jonny, and me.  Jonny had warned me that the run would be "longgg", so I thought it a good opportunity to get some more time with my Camelbak.  Stashed some GU and phone in addition to 32 ounces of Gatorade (it holds 100, but won't need that much today).  Started off south on Tippecansett, and the first few miles were on pretty rugged terrain.  Worked our way west into CT and out to Green Falls Pond, after which I led for a mile or two and was having a lot of fun bounding along the trail.  The last four miles I was starting to fatigue, especially on Pachaug-Tippecansett Crossover Trail back to RI.  I thought I held my own on the flats and downhills, but struggled a bit on the uphill sections to keep up.  Great group long run; I need to get back into more of these.
17 degrees at the start.
Can you believe none of these wimps wore shorts? 

Stop at Deep Pond along the way
Mike Galoob and Bob Jackman got confused and thought this was a
multi-sport activity today

By not wearing shorts, the other four also missed out on these
awesome bloody badges of honor that I earned.
(OK, picking out the small pieces of wood out of my cuts was painful;
the rest was all good.)

Sunday:  0
Slouch Day.  Volunteered for WHS Rivalry 5K today, as I watched Matthew win the whole race.  Wish it were actually 5K instead of 2.97 GPS miles, as he was en route to yet another PR.

Weekly mileage:  44


  1. Nice! Keep up the good work on the bloody badges of honor!!

  2. I cracked up at the DD restroom sign; thanks for feeding my immaturity. Also, don't get fooled into thinking those frozen puddles on the Blue Heron will hold your weight. They won't. It was a long drive home after that...

  3. I love the new picture at the top. Awesome running form. I still think you should run some indoor track and race the mile. You got a miler's form! Nice long run. Sounds like it was fun.